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STEP OUTSIDE is a program of
The National Shooting Sports Foundation
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Places to Go

Huntandshoot.org - Looking for the best places to hunt and shoot? Look no further than huntandshoot.org. Huntandshoot.org is your portal to the outdoors, featuring searchable databases of ranges, preserves, outfitters, taxidermists and instructional videos. The site includes these key directories and rich content that will help you better enjoy your time in the field or at the range.

WingshootingUSA.org - Search through a convenient online directory of the more than 1,000 birdhunting preserves across the country.

Huntinfo.org - One-click access to all 50 state wildlife agency Web sites provides details on season dates, application deadlines, license fees, hunter education classes and more.

Wheretoshoot.org - This online directory provides quick and easy access to the more than 7,500 target shooting and hunting facilities across the U.S.

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