5 Cool Spots for ATV Off-Roading in Mississippi

By Amy Gremillion

5 Cool Spots for ATV Off-Roading in Mississippi


Here in Mississippi, we love to grab a few friends and take a spin through the mud. Whether you call it mud ridin' or mud boggin’, you'll need an ATV, plenty of mud, and maybe a friend with a big truck just in case you get stuck. Check out these five awesome spots to enjoy ATV off-roading in the state. 

1. Red Creek Off Road, Perkinston, MS

Red Creek Off Road provides you with plenty of trails to run, from sandy roads to muddy bottoms. There's plenty of available lodging to accommodate anywhere from 2-20 people, so plan to stay for a day or two. Be sure to keep an eye out for special events!

2. Burden's Creek ATV Park, Mount Olive, MS

Burden's Creek is located on a 400-acre park, so you and your friends will have plenty of privacy as you explore the trails. They're open seven days a week, so it's always the perfect time to head out to Burden's Creek. There's even a concession stand for when you get hungry.

3. Rocks Bottom Offroad, Forest, MS

Rocks Bottom in Forest is made up of 30 miles of trail spanning a breathtaking 550 acres. Although you're not far from Jackson, you'll feel like you're in the middle of nowhere as you trek through the swamplands at Rocks Bottom. Feel free to camp on-site!

4. Crossroads ATV & Recreation Park, Clinton, MS

Another Jackson-area park, Crossroads in Clinton is 170 acres of mud-riding fun. They have areas which are specific to both motocross and ATV riders, along with primitive camping, a snack bar, and a beautiful lake. They're only open on weekends, so plan accordingly!

5. Warfield Point Park, Greenville, MS

Warfield Point Park is one of the Mississippi Delta's best places for ATV-style mud bogging. Warfield Park offers beautiful views of the Mississippi River as you cruise along the natural ridges created by the water. In addition, Warfield Park offers rider safety classes. 

*Note: Age restrictions, special licenses, and other requirements for off highway vehicles vary from state to state. Before heading out on your OHV, please consult your local regulations.

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