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Arkansas Scottish Festival

Friday, Oct 14, 2022 at 8:00am

Lyon College
2300 Highland Road

Lyon College To Combine Homecoming + Scottish Festival

We are excited about the 2nd ScotsFest, where the 42st Arkansas Scottish Festival and Lyon College Homecoming will be combined!

Every year Arkansas’ oldest city plays host to one of America’s most popular Scottish festivals. Pipers, drummers, dancers, athletes, Scottish clans, and vendors travel from all corners of the country to attend the event.

8:00am - 2:00pm: Open Classes
8:00am: English Composition - Carpenter
9:00am: History of Architecture- Bork
9:00am: Principles of Biology -Thomas (via Zoom)
9:00am: Chemistry - Gehm
9:00am: Artificial Intelligence - Birkenkrahe
9:00am: World Literature - Tebbetts
10:00am: Intro to Cultural Anthropology - Lebrato
10:00am: Intro to Visual Arts -  Gayle
10:00am: Comparative Physiology - Jones
10:00am: Statistics- Daniels
11:00am: Chemistry- Gehm
11:00am: Organic Chemistry - Nawarathne
11:00am: English Composition - Carpenter
11:00am: Advanced Composition - Tebbetts
1:00pm: Rise & Fall  of Athenian & Amer. Democracy - Beck (via Zoom)
2:00pm: Social Psychology- Daniels
(Email  to register)
12 - 500pm: Vendors and clans
5:30 – 7:30pm: President’s Reception (Highland House)
6:00pm: The Kilted Mile (Downtown Batesville)
Volleyball vs. USHP  (Becknell Gymnasium)
6:30pm: Annual Lyon College Alumni Awards Celebration (Edwards Commons)
9:00pm: Alumni & Friends Social(The River/Josie’s)

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