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Audubon Birdwalk Hikshari' Trail

Sunday, Nov 18, 2018 at 9:00am

Hikshari' Trail
Truesdale Street

Join Ralph Bucher (707-499-1247; thebook@reninet.com) for great birding in Eureka. Birds will be scoped here at the public dock at foot of West Del Norte until everyone assembles. Then attendees will drive to the Hikshari’ trail at Truesdale Street and bird along the trail to the Elk River Wildlife Sanctuary.

The Hikshari’ Trail in south Eureka’s Elk River Access Area, is a 1.5 mile multiple-use trail segment that winds along the Elk River and through the Elk River Wildlife Sanctuary. Interpretive signs dot the trail, highlighting aspects of the area’s natural and cultural history in addition to trail and watertrail map information. Topics cover marsh reconstruction, migrant and vagrant bird species in the willow patches, Humboldt Bay geology, railroad history, Wiyot village life, Elk River sandspit formation and marine life, dune plant ecology, and plant and animal identification.
There are four parking lots and trailheads to access the trail: Truesdale Avenue (just south of the Bayshore Mall), two along Hilfiker Lane and one off Herrick and 101 at the Pound Road Park and Ride.

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