CMP Approved Highpower Rifle Match

Sunday, Sep 30, 2018 at 8:00am

12465 NE 234 th Street

800 point XTC - CMP Highpower Rifle Standard Course (Rule 8.11)

Match#1:  200 YD SF, Target SR. Standing, 2 sighting shots, 20 shots for record, 22 minutes.
Match#2:  200 YD RF, Target SR. Sitting or kneeling, 2 sighting shots, 2-10 shot Strings in 60 seconds per string.
Match#3:  300 YD RF, Target SR-3, Prone, 2 sighting shots, 2-10 shot strings in 70 seconds per string.
Match#4:  600 YD SF, Target MR-1, Prone, 2 sighting shots, 20 shots for record, 22 minutes.
Match#5:  Aggregate Match:  Total of Matches #1 thru #4. 


Cash awards will be paid for all matches except for EIC and GSM matches.Based on ½ entry fees received. Classes may be combined upward if less than 6 entries (Rule 5.11.4 (e)). The High Master class will not be combined with other classes. Awards will go to the overall winners of each match (1-4 or 1-5) and the match aggregate. Class awards will be awarded based on the match aggregate: One award per 3 entries in each class, up to a total of 3 places. All Unclassified Competitors will fire in the Master class.

Fee: $20; Juniors shoot free

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