CMP Games Carbine Match

Sunday, Oct 21, 2018 at 1:00pm

Oak Ridge Sportsmen's Association
2625 Oak Ridge Turnpike

ELIGIBILITY: Open. Competitors who have not previously fired in either CMP or NRA high power rifle competition must complete at least one CMP Service Rifle clinic before firing a CMP Games event at ORSA. Participation enables qualified competitors to purchase rifles authorized under the CMP Rifle Sales program (see for details).

RULES: Current CMP Competition Rules will apply.

ENTRY FEE: $10 adults / $10 juniors

SCORING AND PIT OPERATION: The carbine match targets are setup with all five required targets up on the target board. All firing will be completed prior to going down range for scoring.

RIFLES: The firearm must be a U. S. M1 or M1A1 Carbine chambered for the Caliber .30 Carbine cartridge that was issued by the U.S. Armed Forces, manufactured by Inland, IBM, Irwin-Pedersen, National Postal Meter, Quality Hardware, Rock-Ola, Saginaw Steering Gear, Standard Products, Underwood or Winchester. Commercial Carbines of the same type and caliber may also be used in these club matches. CMP Games Rifle and Pistol Competition Rules (Rule 5.2.1).

AMMUNITION: Any safe ammunition may be used in accordance with CMP Competition Rules for Service Rifle and Service Pistol Rule 5.3.3. Lake City M1 Carbine ammo will be available for sale at the matches; $20 for 50 rounds.
AWARDS: CMP Achievement Awards will be presented at the conclusion of firing to all competitors firing qualified scores. Current award scores can be found in Annex G of the CMP Games rule book.

M1 Carbine Match Course of Fire
All firing will be from the 100 yard line utilizing the SR-1 reduced target.
-Sighting, 10 sighters in 10 minutes
-Stage 1, 10 shots slow fire prone in 5 minutes.
-Stage 2, 10 shots rapid fire prone from standing in 60 seconds.
-Stage 3, 10 shots rapid fire sitting or kneeling from standing in 60 seconds.
-Stage 4, 10 shots slow fire standing in 10 minutes.

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