Dutchess County Sheep And Wool Festival

Saturday, Oct 20, 2018 at 9:00am

Dutchess County Fairgrounds
6550 Spring Brook Avenue

Livestock penning until 8am - Vehicles OUT by 8:30am thankU

Amy Christoffers | Signing with Pom Pom | Saturday, 9 - 11 | Issues 23 and 24 Amy Christoffers
Emily Foden | Signing her new book Knits About Winter | Saturday + Sunday, 9-11 and 2-4 at PomPom Booth Emily Foden
Julie Weisenberger | Signing Cocoknits ! Pre-purchase includes gift of colorful stitch markers! 9:00-11:00 + 12:30-4:00 Julie Weisenberger
Norah Gaughan | Signing with Pom Pom | 9-11 Both days! Plus Saturday 2-4! Norah Gaughan
Fleece Sale - Wool, Alpaca, Mohair
Sheep Breed Displays
Workshops All Day, Half Day, Walk-In Registration - See Catalog
John Martin | Signing his book WOOL and WINE | 9:00 - 5:00
Mason Dixon Knitting! | All day books and signing! Kay Gardiner, Ann Shayne
Pom Pom Magazine | New issue + new books AND previous issues + previous books! All Day! Meghan Fernandes, Emily Foden, Norah Gaughan, Lydia Gluck
Sheep Shearing Demonstrations - 45 minutes after the hour
Photo Contest - Photos Displayed
View handmade fiber art competition entries on display all day
Needle Felt Notebook fiberflame
Needle Felting 'tiny pictures' w/ Wool Yarn and Roving fiberflame
New!!! Weaving fiberflame
Two by Two Petting Zoo
Upcycled Sweater 'Puppets' Ages 7+ fiberflame
Upcycled Sweater Stitching: Stuffies and Pillows Ages 10+ fiberflame
Wool Roving Ornaments fiberflame
Yarn “Painting” Embroidery - Ages 3+ fiberflame
Llama and Alpaca Farm Displays
Shopping! Find a Vendor
Vendors List
Wine Tasting, Specialty Foods

Sara Delaney | Signing: Design Your Own Crochet Projects + more | All day Saturday! Sara Delaney

Alice O'Reilly | Signing with Kathleen Dames, their books I Knit New York and I Knit Paris! Kathleen Dames, Alice O'Reilly
Iza Trapani | Signs Baa Baa Black Sheep and more! Saturday, all day. Iza Trapani
Kathleen Dames | Signing with Alice O'Reilly, their books I Knit New York! and I Knit Paris! Kathleen Dames, Alice O'Reilly
Margaret Hubert Margaret Hubert
Susanna Leonard Hill | Signs her collection of children's books + *new* When Your Llama Needs a Haircut ! Susanna Leonard Hill
Beth Brown-Reinsel | Signing the 25th Anniversary Edition of Knitting Ganseys | 9:30-5:00 Beth Brown-Reinsel

Breed Talk: Coopworth Sheep Marianne Dube
Made in the Moment - Sat 10:00 AM - Leslie Wind
Make It With Wool Judging
Bred Ewe Auction - Followed by Goats, then The Big Used Equipment Auction!
Dream Catcher Scarf Pin - Jacquie Chalmers
Lucy Ewe - Rug Hooking 101 - Sat AM - Maureen Rugar
Natural Indigo Dyeing - Sat AM - Nica Rabinowitz
Steeks Without Fear! - Donna Kay
Stool With Rush Top - Saturday AM - Sue Muldoon
STRANTARSIA Working Patches of Colourwork in the Round - Sat AM - Nathan Taylor
Today's Granny - Julie Cashin
Twigg Stitch Technique - Vicki Twigg
Lisa Steele | Natural Chicken Expert | Signing 101 Chicken Keeping Hacks and others! | 10:00-12:00 + 2:00-4:00 Both Days! Lisa Steele
Maude White | Signing her book Brave Birds, featuring cut paper art! Maude White
On-going barn-frame looms and Union loom weaving demos
Margaret Hubert | Signing | 40th Anniversary of her first book! Saturday, 10:00-5:00 Margaret Hubert
Coiled Pine Needle Baskets - Katie Grove
Creatures Over A Wire Armature Regina Yurkonis
Lichen Dyeing - Sat - Kathy Sparks
Sizeable Yet Slim Storage Tote Basket - Mary Ann Williams
Spinning Luxury Fibers Natalie Burger
The Finer Points of Combing! - Kimberly Radcliffe

Breed Talk: Blue Faced Leicester and Border Leicester Sheep Katie Sullivan
Angora Goat Show
Canine Frisbee Demonstrations

Breed Talk: “Diamonds in the Rough”, Santa Cruz Sheep Phillip and Paula Garner
Llama Care, Maintenance and Photo Opportunities! 2HF, Spitter's 4H Club
“Mad Science”
Bristol Ivy | Signing with Pom Pom | Both days, 11- 1 | Knitting Outside the Box Bristol Ivy
Caitlin Hunter | Signing with Pom Pom | Both days, 11 - 1 | Issue 27 Caitlin Hunter, Pom Pom Quarterly
Margeau Soboti | Signing her two books, Margeau Chapeau + Margeau Blanc | Saturday 11 - 1 Margeau Soboti
Clara Parkes | Signing | A Stash of One's Own + more! (11-2 Saturday)
Silk Reeling from Cocoons! Theresa Drouin-Guerette

Made in the Moment - Sat 11:15 AM - Leslie Wind

Breed Talk: Introducing the "Worlds Cutest Sheep" to the USA. Martin and Joy Dally
Breed Talk: Valais Blacknose: Introducing the "Worlds Cutest Sheep" to the USA. Martin and Joy Dally
Norah Gaughan | Signing 40 Timeless Knits | Saturday 11:30 - 1:30 Norah Gaughan

Alpaca Care, Maintenance and Photo Opportunities!
Breed Talk: Sheep Selfie Station
Wildman Jack
Amy Herzog | Signing her NEW book Ultimate Sweater Party, 12 - 2, both days! Amy Herzog
Vilasinee Bunnag | Signing her book Loome Party, 12 - 3, both days! Vilasinee Bunnag
Toby Roxane Barna | Signing her book Design Doubles | 12:00 - 4:00 Toby Roxane Barna
John Churchman | Signing classics + the new book, Alpaca Lunch! John Churchman

Breed Talk: Versatility of Shetland Sheep and the Master Spinning Program Judi Lehrhaupt
Canine Frisbee Demonstrations

Breed Talk: Leicester Longwool Sheep and Fiber, talk by Keri Boucher Maple Frost Farm
What is a Giant Angora Rabbit? 2HF
Alice + Lisa Hoffman | Reading and Booktalk 1:00 - 1:45 | Tales of Yarn Alice Hoffman, Lisa Hoffman
Katrina Rodabaugh | Booksigning, Mending Matters, 1:00 - 2:00, both days! Katrina Rodabaugh
Tatting - Betty Feldman and Catherine Conrady Catherine Conrady, Betty Feldman
Make It With Wool Fashion Show
Fashion Show Follows Judging

Breed Talk: Agritourism Wing and A Prayer Farm
Canine Frisbee Demonstrations
Equipment Auction 1/2 Hour after Bred Ewe Auction TBA
Made in the Moment - Sat 1:30 PM - Leslie Wind

“Mad Science”

Breed Talk: Lincoln Sheep and Fiber Amanda and Alberto Barcenas
Katrina Rodabaugh, Panel Discussion: Mending Matters with Sonya Philip and Tammy White | 2:00-3:00 Tales of Yarn Katrina Rodabaugh
Peggy Hart | Signing her book Wool: Unraveling an American Story of Artisans and Innovation | Saturday 2 - 3 Peggy Hart
Exotic Breeds Parade, presented by Barn 27 Walking around the Fairgrounds
Alice + Lisa Hoffman | Signing their new book Faerie Knitting | 2-3:30 Alice Hoffman, Lisa Hoffman
Sue Stratford | From the UK, signing her books! Saturday, 2:00-3:30 Sue Stratford
White and Natural Colored Sheep Show 'The Black and White Show'
Beginning Handspindle - Saturday PM - Donna Kay
Circle Weaving - Jacquie Chalmers
Jack Punkin - Rug Hooking 101 - Sat. PM Maureen Rugar
Natural Indigo Dyeing - Sat PM - Nica Rabinowitz
Recycled Leather Belt Stool - Saturday PM - Sue Muldoon
STRANTARSIA - Working Patches of Colourwork in the Round - Sat PM - Nathan Taylor
Twigg Stitch Project Class Vicki Twigg

Sheep Herding Dog Demonstrations
Drop Spindle Spinning Contest - Walk-ins welcomed! PRIZES!

Katrina Rodabaugh | Booksigning, Mending Matters | 3:00 - 3:30 Katrina Rodabaugh
Spinning Wheel Contest - Walk-INS Welcome. PRIZES!
Needle Felting Animals Demo - Arturo Ceballos Cottage on the Hudson - Arturo
Spinning Demonstrations by Various Farms Barn 27 Llamas, Alpacas, etc
Beginning Shepherding Q and A LIMITEDChristina Ahlseen, Amanda and Alberto Barcenas, Wing and A Prayer Farm, Phillip and Paula Garner, Judi Lehrhaupt, Marie Minnich, Jeri Robinson-Lawrence, Katie Sullivan

Canine Frisbee Demonstrations
Chop Stick Knitting Contest - Walk-ins welcomed! PRIZES!
Beth Brown-Reinsel | The Gansey, its History and a Detailed Look | Tales of Yarn 3:30 Beth Brown-Reinsel

Wildman Jack

Sheep Herding Dog Demonstrations
Crochet Contest - Walk-ins welcomed! PRIZES!
What's the Difference between a Llama and an Alpaca? 2HF, Derbyshire Family Farm, Spitter's 4H Club

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