First Shots

Tuesday, Oct 3, 2023 at 6:30pm

Carolina Sporting Arms
8055 South Blvd.

The second step in your firearms orientation is our First Shots course. This course requires 50 rounds and is a perfect opportunity to lay a solid foundation for safe shooting. New skills and experiences will add to your confidence in shooting and prepare you for our Shooting Fundamentals series of classes. First Shots is a 90 minute, range based introduction to shooting that will help you continue to improve your skills and move forward in your training. This class can help you become a confident, empowered, skilled shooter with the knowledge and training to protect yourself and your loved ones. Items to bring: - Note taking material - Unloaded firearm and multiple magazines (if you have them) - 50+ rounds of ammo - Eye protection; hard shell or custom molded ear protection Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the class in order to be prepared at the posted start time.



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