Greater Yellowstone Crane Festival

Friday, Sep 20, 2019 at 7:30am

Various Venues

This week-long event filled with tours, workshops, presentations, and film, culminates in a community-wide celebration of the Greater Yellowstone region’s exceptional wildlife and irreplaceable natural resources and the fall migration of the Sandhill Crane on the Driggs City Center Plaza. The Festival supports the efforts of the Greater Yellowstone Sandhill Crane Initiative which works to protect crucial habitat and resources for the largest staging population of Sandhill Cranes in the Greater Yellowstone and the myriad of iconic species that call the region home.

Crane Tours:
morning tour to circumnavigate the habitat for staging Sandhills in Teton Valley. The tours will occur from 7:30-9am, Wednesday through Saturday. Each tour will have a naturalist on board to discuss Sandhill Crane ecology, behavior, and conservation. Suggested donation of $10 per person. 

Teton Arts Crane Art Show, Reception, and Conservation Discussion
The gallery reception with the artists will be from 5-7pm followed by the festival’s keynote speaker, Michael Forsberg, and other artists discussing the connection between art, nature, and conservation. If you are interested in participating in the art show.



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