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Griggsville Apple Festival

Friday, Sep 20, 2019 at 4:00pm


4:00 PM: Queen’s Tea at Skinner House

5:00 PM: Vendors and Food Stands Open

6:00 PM: Opening Ceremonies (Invocation by Peg Ratliff, Flag raising by Griggsville American Legion Post 213, and the National Anthem, performed by The Wade Sisters.)

6:00 PM: Boden Amusements carnival rides open

6:10 PM: Hourly Drawing

6:15 PM: Introduction of Queen Contestants and Presentation of the T-Shirt Sales Award

6:20 PM: Introduction of the 2019 Ladema Sappington Memorial Scholarship Winner

6:25 PM: Introduction of 2019 Friends of the Festival: Ronald & Carolyn Myers, and Richard & Gladys Ann Myers

6:40 PM: Little Miss Apple Blossom and Little Mr. Johnny Appleseed Contest (Angie Vinyard, Bobbi DeVine and Becky Turnage, Chairmen.)

7:10 PM: Hourly Drawing

7:15 PM: Queen Contestants Dance Routine

7:25 PM: Talent Show – Jr. Division (H. Todd Evans, Chairman.)

8:20 PM: Hourly Drawing

8:30 PM: Talent Show – Sr. Division

9:00 PM: Hourly Drawing

9:10 PM: Apple Festival Queen Pageant and Crowning Ceremonies (Jill Buchanan and Trena Martin, Chairmen.)

10:00 PM: Hourly Drawing

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