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Harvest Festival

Sunday, Oct 17, 2021 at 10:00am

Silver Dollar City
399 Silver Dollar City Parkway

Experience Silver Dollar City's Harvest Festival featuring Craft Days filled with NEW artisans each week and Pumpkins In The City by night with thousands of illuminated pumpkins with non-frightful fun for the entire family!


Visiting Craftsmen

During Harvest Festival, craftsmen from across the nation gather at Silver Dollar City to demonstrate heritage crafts, fine art, woodworking and more on the Square and in the Makers Market.

Harvest Festival Craftsmen

During Silver Dollar City's Harvest Festival you'll find visiting craftsmen and artisans demonstrating throughout the park.

Holly McAdoo

Custom Handmade Jewelry

September 24 - 26

Phillip Cook

Copper Colorist

September 24 - October 3

Joshua Reeve


September 24 - October 10

Melanie Watson

Handmade Dolls

September 24 - October 17

Valerie Willis

Hand-painted Décor

September 24 - October 24

Andrea Schnetzler

The Berry Nutty Farm

September 24 - October 26

Jane McCaulley

Fused Glass Art

September 29 - October 3

Marty Schmitt

Sandstone Art

September 29 - October 3

Artha Labath

Handwoven Baskets

September 29 - October 10

Rex Morton

Copper Art

September 29 - October 17

Kenda Baker

Rustic Décor

September 24 - October 30

Terri Balden


September 24 - October 30 

Michael Brasher

Barn Wood Picture Frames

September 24 - October 30

Suzanne Brasher

Vintage Key Jewelry

September 24 - October 30

Doug Bratcher


September 24 - October 30

Barry Brown

Pumpkin Carver

September 24 - October 30

Greg Butauski

Pumpkin Sculpting

September 24 - October 30

Pam and Don Coppedge

Dead Sea Salt Scrub

September 24 - October 30

Eric Dalton

Candle Making

September 24 - October 30

Nancy Fairbanks

Clay Artist

September 24 - October 30 

Teresa Flatness

Gourd Painting

September 24 - October 30

Glenn Garrison

Wildlife Pen and Ink Art

September 24 - October 30

Abigail Koren

Handmade Soaps

September 24 - October 30

Mary Jo McCarty

Handwoven Baskets

September 24 - October 30

Pat McCarty


September 24 - October 30

Angie McGuire

Junkyard Farm Girl

September 24 - October 30

Keith Miller


September 24 - October 30

J. Wendell Mills

Segmented Woodturning

September 24 - October 30

Rose Monzyk


September 24 - October 30

Dolores Norton


September 24 - October 30

Coby and Doris Schrock

Schrock Family Sorghum

September 24 - October 30 

Denise Smith


September 24 - October 30

Yvonne Thurman


September 24 - October 30 

Patricia Zieche-Davisson

Wire Wrap Jewelry

September 24 - October 30

James Dennis


October 6 - 24

Sherry Day

Metal Artist

October 6 - 30

Von Rhodes


October 6 - 30

Kristine Kowald

Homemade Fabric Sculptured Pillows

October 13 - 30

Linda Mishler


October 13 - 30

Avanell Savage

Hand-made Handbags

October 19 - 30

Susan Shoff

Machine Embroidery

October 19 - 30

Cowboy Corra

See chuck wagon cooking demonstrations with Jim Flint-Smith (Sept. 24 - Oct. 10) and Food Network star Kent Rollins (Oct. 13 -30) along with western craftsmen and the authentic Silver Dollar City Stagecoach.

Jim Flint-Smith

Chuck Wagon Cooking

September 24 - October 10 

Dennis Crider


September 29 - October 30

Rick & Bev Hamby

Authentic Stagecoach

September 29 - October 30 

Kent Rollins

Chuck Wagon Cooking

October 13 - 30

Location: Cowboy Corral

Cowboy Emporium

During Harvest Festival meet an array of western authors, craftsmen and artists inside the Carousel Barn!

Meet Gunsmoke star and cowboy artist Buck Taylor, along with talented artists and craftsmen celebrating the spirit of the west!

Here are the visiting craftsmen, cowboys and artists scheduled to appear this year.

Claude Coffman


September 24 - October 3

Kitty Sutton

Native American Books

September 24 - October 3 

Jennifer Farr


September 24 - October 30

Phil Smith

Leather & Saddlery

September 24 - October 30 

Buck Taylor

Gunsmoke Star/Cowboy Art

September 24 - October 30

Patti Wachlin

Cowboy Hats, Coats, Vests & Blankets

September 24 - October 30

James and Linda Doan

Hand-carved Wood Ornaments

October 6 - 30

Tina Richards

Hand-Painted Turkey Feathers

October 6 - 30

Location: Carousel Barn

Harvest Tasting Passport

Choosing just one thing from the dozens of delicious flavors available during Harvest Festival can lead to some tough decisions. Now you can treat yourself to incredible tastes at eateries all over the park. The NEW Tasting Passport, lets you choose five different tastes to try during the festival!


Pumpkins In The City

This glowing event with thrilling RIDES INTO THE NIGHT features thousands of illuminated pumpkins and non-frightful fun for the entire family. De-LIGHT in exploring the Woodland Hike, enjoy delicious pumpkin-flavored goodies and more!

Please Note: The Pumpkin Plaza and Woodland Hike open at 5:30pm each evening.

Pumpkins gets bigger and brighter with more carved icons, more illumination and more fun in an expanded NEW AREA—Adding over 2 Acres from the Woodland Hike all the way through NEW Rivertown! 

Rides Into The Night

Enjoy rides into the night including Time Traveler, WildFire, PowderKeg, and the NEW family raft ride - Mystic River Falls, open through October 30!

All rides weather permitting.

Pumpkin Artisans

Featured on Good Morning America, artist Barry Brown carves pumpkins with intricate designs unlike any you've seen before.

Plus, new this year - watch the artists from Rock On Ice sculpt pumpkins into unbelievable creations.

More Illuminated Fun

Plus, find special entertainment in the Pumpkin Plaza, a glowing adventure in the Woodland Hike and festive pumpkin photo ops all along the way!

NEW Garden Of Giants

Located just beyond the Dockside Theater in NEW Rivertown, the Garden Of Giants is home to 8 hulking half-ton homegrown pumpkins that you have to see to believe! With fun names like Mighty Mabel and Brutus The Vast, each of these horticultural wonders was grown right here in the USA by master gardeners.

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