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High In The Ozarks

Saturday, Dec 4, 2021 at 9:00am

Byrd's Adventure Center
7037 Cass Oark Road

Welcome to HIGH IN THE OZARKS! We’re glad you’re here. This gravel grinder bike ride is inspired by our eternal appreciation of the OZARK National Forest and the desire to help others see it as we do.


7:30am – 8:30am  Early Registration

9am  Ride Starts

5pm  Food & Entertainment

Course Information:

Long Course

Mixed surfaces of manicured gravel, chunky riverbed rock, mountain-side goat path and regrettably . . . some unavoidable pavement. The course will take you to Shore’s Lake Rd where you’ll intersect with Mineral Springs Rd and begin your climb to White Rock Mt. Rd then turn north to Bidville Rd. and up to the WR MT Visitor’s Center. Backtracking from there you’ll navigate east to Summit AR (5-way intersection + Summit Aid Station) then continue west on West Fly Gap Rd to HWY 23. Feel good knowing most of the climbing is now behind you.

A mix of pavement and gravel will take you to St. Paul where you can re-supply at the General Store NEXT to Dollar General. We ask that you support the long-time General Store as things have gotten tough for them since Dollar General opened. A little further east you’ll turn south on CR112 and immediately cross the White River Swimming Hole where the controversial Sheriff Ralph Baker was swept to his death while driving across the bridge during a flood in ‘93 – accident or not? (For a can’t-stop read check out ‘When Money Grew on Trees’, for a “grower’s” perspective of the Baker story and a bunch of history about the area where you’ll be pedaling.)

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Short Course

The short course is the same as long course only you will turn north / right at Cass AR on Fanes Creek Rd and travel to the Summit Aid Station. From there you will follow the long course for the rest of the day. Despite it’s a little shorter you will still encounter significantly demanding conditions.

Short Course CUT OFF TIMES: You MUST average at least 6mph for the day – If you do not arrive at the Summit Aid Station in 2 hours you will be asked to return to Byrd’s. If you do not arrive at mile 19 (Hwy23 and W Fly Gap Rd) in 3 hours you will be asked to return to Byrd’s via hwy23/215.

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