Holi Festival of Colors USA

Saturday, Mar 25, 2023 at 10:00am

Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple
311 West 8500 South

North America's Greatest Chant & Dance Party—Mantra Bands, Interactive Bollywood & Bhakti Dance, DJ's, Yoga, Cruelty-free Cuisine, Crafts, Color Throws on the Hour, Free Hugs & Lotsa Love

A Family-friendly event. Kids 12 and under are FREE

Interactive Dance, Live Mantra Bands, DJ's, Yoga Teachers, Cuisine, Lotsa Love.


Main Stage

10:00 am: TK & Nam Rock
10:45 am: Malini, Dance Journey to India
11:15 am: Jai Krishna & Ananda Groove
12::00 pm: Bollypop Utah & Los Angeles
12:30 pm: Janardan & The Butter Thieves
1:00 pm: Bolly X Fitness with Sujanya Subramanian
1:30 pm: Samadhi Vibration
2:15 pm: Malini, Aakansha, & Bollypop
2:45 pm: Bali. Rico & Crisanto Santa Ana
3:30 pm: Malini Bhakti Fusion
4:00 pm: Maha Mantra Band

Lake Stage

11:00 am: Butter Thief
11:30 pm: Junior Miranda DJ & Bollypop
12:00 pm: TK and Backing Track
12:30 pm: Junior Miranda
1:00 pm: Bolly X
1:30 pm: Junior Miranda & Bollypop
2:00 pm: Team Harsh Dance
2:30 pm: Butter Thief Janardhan
3:00 pm: TK and Backing Track
3:30 pm: Samadhi Vibration DJ
4:00 pm: Bollypop

Yoga Stage

12:00 pm: Janet Waterman
1:00 pm: Hayley Fanin
2:00 pm: Rilee Shalvis
3:00 pm: Krista Campbell
4:00 pm: Tiffany Johnson

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Every Color Festival is a rain or shine event. | No Outside Colors or Food Allowed.

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