International Human Rights Art Festival

Friday, Dec 8, 2023 at 7:00pm

The Tank
312 West 36th Street, 1st Floor

Ariel Lembeck Curates: Solo Dolo - An evening of solo works by Angel Acuña, Ariel Lembeck, Ariana Speight

V.A.L (study 1): Ariel Lembeck
V.A.L (study 1) is a solo work in process that plays with exposing that which feels forbidden as a cathartic act of self acceptance.
It is a work of woven performance threads that embolden desire and bring body and object together to create a site for confession and reflection.
Ariel Lembeck (she/her) is a dance artist and dance maker based in Lenapehoking (Brooklyn, NY). Through performance scores, embodied improvisation, installation, and video Ariel develops environments for performer and witness to question the presence of the physical body, to decenter the assumed, and reflect on our humanity.
Ariel’s work has been presented by various venues in NYC: Triskelion Arts, WaxWorks, STUFFED at Judson Church, The Jack Crystal Theater, The Footlight, The Floor on Atlantic, The Wild Project/IHRAF FESTIVAL and by Kibbutz Ga’aton (Israel) and Ruth Page Center for the Arts (Chicago, IL).

Second Place by Angel Acuña

Second Place transcends the surface, focusing individual awareness on the nuances of brownness within a realm of recollection. It embodies a shared identity, a Mexicanidad rooted in Mexican-American narratives, presenting a lifeworld that unveils the distinctive ecosystem of brown queerness in the United States.
Angel Acuña (he/him) is a dancer and designer from San Diego, CA living in Philadelphia. Angel forms part of FAILSPACE NYC and is a part of CHILD, a company of artists making shows using an experimental framework directed by Lisa Fagan

Morph by Ariana Speight

This piece journeys through metamorphosis revealing the inner workings and complexities of self.
Through a multidimensional framework, 'morph' explores what hinders and supports the process of emergence in reflection of and response to the times we are living in.
Ariana Speight (she/her), originally from Los Angeles and currently based in Brooklyn, has worked with a number of artists including Kayla Farrish, Joanna Kotze, Jordan Demetrius Lloyd, Kyle Marshall, Anna Sperber, and Jessie Young. Her freelance journey as a contemporary dance artist has led her to perform at Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX), Chelsea Factory, Coffey Street, Dancewave, Irondale, Lincoln Center Hearst Plaza, New York Live Arts, Pageant, Roulette, The Shed, Webster Hall, among others in New York, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

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Youth Voices - 8.30pm

The Games We Play by Shannon & Stahl
Two young siblings have built a routine of playing card games together but what are they really protecting each other from?
Elizabeth Shannon (ELLIS) is a playwright whose works often address social issues and activism; her plays have been produced nationally and internationally.  Katie Michelle Stahl is a 3rd year BFA Musical Theatre student at Marymount Manhattan College who has directed, produced and performed professionally. Kimmi Curcio is a third year BFA Acting major at Marymount Manhattan College.  Sprite Sayre is delighted to work with her fellow MMC theatre artists on “The Games We Play" in her first off-broadway festival!

Wilcox Prom 2k13 by Cris Eli Blak

Based on a true story, Wilcox Prom 2k13 tells the story of an interracial couple - Keshawn, the Black school quarterback, and Martha, the white cheerleader - who are seniors in the year 2013.  Students from Wilcox County High School in Wilcox County, Georgia, hosted their own integrated prom - not sponsored by parents or school, who at the time maintained their history of throwing a segregated prom.

Full Moon by Fleurette Modica

Four nine-year-old girls at summer camp stay up past their bedtime forging bonds over late-night gossip. When one of them returns from an encounter with a boy, the girls must rely on their limited information about sex and pregnancy to make sense of the situation. This play asks audiences to think about the impact on young girls when access to birth control, abortions, and sexual education programs is taken away.
Fleurette Modica (Playwright) is a writer, performer, composer, and graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and the National Theater Institute whose work can be found at Caitlin Mayernik (Director) is a Detroit-born and New York-based director, writer, and arts producer whose work has been seen onstage with The Tank NYC, The Brick, First Kiss Theatre, and more at Skylar Davidson (Molly) is passionate about human rights and the arts, culminating in her academic, professional, and personal aspirations at the intersection of both arenas. Lydia Sims (Camilla) is a recent graduate of Sarah Lawrence and the National Theater Institute,! Katie Friedemann (Avery) is an actor, playwright, filmmaker, and director. Daniela Cardarelli (JJ) is an actress, singer-songwriter, and resident Swiftie.

Blackpilled, A Blueprint by Alex Beige
Blackpilled, A Blueprint is a technique for reassuring a hopeless friend, a refutation of the nihilist worldview underpinning ‘black-pilled’ internet subculture, and an intimate account of digital racism’s lasting effects. We may think we’re immune to propaganda, but no one ever is.

Co-Captains by Rhys Collins

In Co-Captains, Riley, a non-speaking kid, knows Morse Code to contact aliens — one needs to use Morse Code to contact someone so far away, obviously. Quinn, a speaking kid, knows Morse Code to live on the ocean one day — one needs to use Morse Code to send signals in case the Kraken attacks them, obviously. When they meet, Riley and Quinn bond over wanting to be captains for their respective vessels. But can they combine their interests to captain together?
Rhys Collins (Writer & Director): is currently an undergraduate at Pace University pursuing a BA in Writing for Diversity and Equity in Theater and Media, and a BA in Film and Screen studies. Mia Vongsavang (Riley) has been acting almost non-stop since she was in fourth grade. Madeleine Yu-Phelps (Quinn) (they/them) is a writer, actor, and director currently pursuing a BA in Writing for Diversity and Equity in Theater and Media at Pace University. McKenna Logan (Quinn's Mom) is a BA Acting International Performance Ensemble major at Pace University, who has produced and performed in shows off-broadway.

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December 8, 2023

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