Minto-Brown Island Park Bird Walk

Wednesday, Dec 12, 2018 at 8:00am

Minto-Brown Island Park
2200 Minto Island Road

This is the first of 3 winter months for bird census, and it is the time for the Christmas Bird Count. This specific date and field trip is a day of effort to canvas the species in the area just prior to the Count on Saturday, December 15, which is our Salem official count day. On December 15, teams with the leader of CBC Sector 4, Fred Stephens, will walk the loops in this park. More eyes means more birds, so if you can, join with Fred for the Christmas Count. Call him at (503) 378-1364 if you wish to sign up. This field trip on December 12 begins what is called Count Week for Salem, which is the week of the count, 3 days before and 3 days after. It is significant because it begins the census of species that are around in the winter and relevant for the defined Salem count circle. The Count Day on the December 15 gives us a snapshot of population, weather, and food birds are seeking, and a time for teams to count each bird. It is important because Minto-Brown is an area of 900 plus acres substantially in Sector 4, that is usually accessible. The access and the number of loops to be walked make it a remarkable park. Last year, icy drives made a huge challenge, but in spite of this obstacle in our entire circle we found 104 species. Plan to join this trip with our hope for the opportunity to be with our feathered friends on this winter day and then join us if you can by signing ahead with Fred, for Count Day.

Meet at 8:00 AM at parking lot #3 (the last parking lot in the park). Dress for the weather, and bring snacks and water to keep energized. Wear appropriate footwear and plan for considerable walking. We will plan to finish by Noon.

Directions: From River Road South, turn west at the signal at Minto Island Road and proceed to the last parking lot.

Leaders: Mike Unger (503) 930-8998, Fred Stephens (503) 378-1364, and Barbara Dolan (503) 982-3204

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