Muskingum County Fair

Saturday, Aug 18, 2018 at 9:00am

Muskingum County Fairgrounds
1300 Pershing Road


9:00 AM: Jr. Fair Market Rabbit, Goat & Poultry Sale (Coliseum)
9 00 AM: Pony Pul (Grandstand)
10:00 AM: Stihl Pro Wood Carver (Near Bngnton Gate)
11:00 AM: Horse Pull (Grandstand)
11 00 AM: World ol Wonders Snow (West End of Fargrounds)
11:00 AM: Rides Open
1:00 PM: Escape Explosion Show (West End of Fairgrounds)
2: 00 PM: Open Class Terminal Markel Hog Show. Pee Wee and Adult Showmanship (Swine Show Arena)
2:00 PM: Work) ol Wonders Show (West End ol Fairgrounds)
3:00 PM: Open Class Feeder Call Show (Coliseum)
4:00 PM: Escape Explosion Show (Wast End ol FairgmurxJs)
4 00 PM: Antique Tractor Parade (Grandstand)
5 00 PM: Work of Wonders Show (West End of Fairgrounds)
5:30 PM: Truck.Tractor & Semi Pul (Track Chairs $5) (FREE Grandstand)
7:00 PM: Junior Fair Building Booths Disassembled
7:00 PM: Exhibits Released
7:00 PM: Escape Explosion Show (Wast Era of Fargwxta)
6:00 PM: Work! of Wonders Show (Wast End of Fairgrounds)
8:00 PM: Square Dance Up 2 No Good (J & E Distributors North Stage)
11:00 PM: Rides Close

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