Open Space Preservation

Saturday, Oct 20, 2018 at 9:00am


This work party is focused on the field mowing required to preserve and maintain the open spaces that are an important part of the A.T. experience and critical habitat for unique flora & fauna. The group will use Bachtold and DR mowers - which you will learn all about - to mow the fields at Ten Mile River camp / North Stanley tract and cut back overgrown vegetation on the sides of the Trail. You will learn how to use the mowers as well as other maintenance tools. There is a combination of light and heavy work, so you can choose what you are most comfortable with.

The group will meet at the hiker parking area on Route 55 in Sherman, Connecticut, approximately 50 yards east of the NY border.

Wear long pants and sturdy boots. Also bring sunscreen, bug spray, work gloves, hand pruners/loppers if you have them, snack/lunch to eat on Trail, and plenty of water.

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