Oregon Shakespeare Festival: Manahatta

Saturday, Oct 27, 2018 at 1:30pm

OSF Thomas Theatre
15 South Pioneer Street

Parallel lives and hidden histories

In this timely world-premiere drama by celebrated playwright, activist and attorney Mary Kathryn Nagle, past and present intertwine. Nagle’s story illuminates the tragic consequences of commercial exploits, including the removal of Native American people and the attempted eradication of their culture, that gave rise to the America we know today. Securities trader Jane Snake is torn between worlds. Her return to Wall Street in 2008 brings her to Manahatta (“island of many hills” in Lenape), the homeland her Native American ancestors were violently forced to leave in the 1600s. Meanwhile, her family in Oklahoma struggles to save their language, their culture and their over-mortgaged home. Jane Snake’s return to Manahatta defiantly demonstrates that the Lenape are still here. Directed by Laurie Woolery (The River Bride).

Production of Manahatta and related programs are supported by a grant from the James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation.

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