State Fair Of Louisiana

Wednesday, Nov 7, 2018 at 10:00am

State Fairgrounds of Louisiana
3701 Hudson Avenue

Schdeule of Events

2018 Livestock Show - Livestock Show

Dallas The Fire Guy

Exhibitor / Concessionaire Information

Johnny Rockett's Cycle Circus Live

Nick "The Escape Artist"

Rock-It Robot

Sea Lion Splash Show

State Fair Cooking Contests

Thanks to our Good Neighbor Chevy Dealers!

The Clown of Many Faces

The Double Hump Camel Show

Wacky Chad

9:00 AM: Louisiana State Exhibit Museum

10:00 AM
AgMagic At The State Fair
Commercial Exhibit Building
Competitive Exhibits
Discount Wednesdays - Half Price Wednesdays
Free Fair Days
Independent Midway
The State Fair Zoo
Timberview Helicopter Rides

10:30 AM: Hollywood Racing Pigs

12:00 PM
Circus Hollywood
State Fair Carnival Midway - Carnival Open!

1:30 PM: Hollywood Racing Pigs

2:00 PM: Ms. Stevana's Friesian Horse Show

4:30 PM: Hollywood Racing Pigs

5:00 PM: Ms. Stevana's Friesian Horse Show

6:00 PM: Circus Hollywood

7:00 PM: Shayliff

8:00 PM: Shayliff

9:00 PM: Shayliff

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