Summer Migration Bird Monitoring Walk

Saturday, Aug 18, 2018 at 7:30am

Audubon Vermont's Green Mountain Audubon Center
255 Sherman Hollow Road

Many birds have already begun their fall migration by August. Now is the time to figure out those "confusing fall warblers" and witness the magnificent river of raptors.

We will follow our regular monitoring route as we search for birds in diverse habitats at Audubon. Intended for those with experience using binoculars and listening to bird song. We will identify as many as possible of the birds we see or hear, and record counts of their population numbers.

The long-term data we gather contributes to the eBird database, which is available to a global community of educators, land managers, ornithologists, conservation biologists, and the public. Explore bird sightings from Audubon Vermont's Green Mountain Audubon Center.

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