Swiss Wine Festival

Sunday, Aug 26, 2018 at 10:30am

Swiss Wine Festival
105 W Pike St


10:30-11:45am: Community Church Service
11:00am: Happy Hooves Petting Zoo & Pony Rides
12:00pm: Cornholet Tournament
12:00-1:00pm: Little Swiss Polka Dancers
12:00-1:00pm: The Habit ornery;
12:00-2:00Pm: Travelin'Riverboat Show
12:00-6:00Pm: Joy Unspeakable
12:00-6:00Pm: Cincinnati Circus Stilt Walker/Balloon Artist
1:00-1:30pm: Nergers Tiger Show
1:00-2:00pm: Holly Spears (Country)
1:00-2:30Pm: Midnight Run Band (Biuegrass)
1:30pm: Grape Stomp Competition
1:30-2:30Pm: Rapunzel Meet and Greet
2:30-3:00Pm: Zero Gravity Tumbling
2:45-3:45pm: The Habit (Variety)
3:00-4:30pm: Cull Hollow (Biuegrass)
3:00-5:00pm: Travelin'Riverboat Show
3:45-4:45pm: Holly Spears (Country)
4:00pm: Grape Stomp Competition
4:30-5:30Pm: Star Wars Jedi (look-a-like) Meet and Greet
4:45-5:15Pm: Nergers Tiger Show
4:45-5:45pm: The Habit (Variety)
4:30-6:00pm: The Steeldrivers (Biuegrass)

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