Tributary Whitewater Tours

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About Us:

Dan Buckley founded Tributary Whitewater Tours in 1978. He wanted to share the excitement, wonder, and natural beauty that rivers have to offer with others. Since then he has been an integral player in the development of Whitewater Rafting in California.

Dan’s son Scott went on his first rafting trip on the Rogue River at just 9 months old. We learned first hand about taking children on the river. So although Tributary offers some of the toughest whitewater in California, we have a deep understanding about family rafting trips.

We believe that rafting trips bring out the best in people. We feel that people respond to the beauty and challenge of the river, and in doing so, discover the best in themselves. In this hectic world, it becomes even more important to “get away from it all”. Come and experience the the best California has to offer in a way you will never forget. No road can take you where we do, your cell phone may not be able to either! Our trips can take you deep into the splendor of the forests and mountains, just like the tributaries of rivers. Let Tributary show you a better way while you forget about work, traffic, emails, and crowds.

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