Step Outside - Nebraska WELCOME TO STEP OUTSIDE! Find the best outdoor fun near you! en-us 30 Step Outside - Nebraska 144 144 Sat, 25 May 2024 22:05:00 -0500 5 Energizing Hikes in Nebraska Hiking is a very healthy and invigorating activity and Nebraska is filled with beautiful hiking options to spend your days. For a glimpse at some of the more challenging hiking trails for intermediate to advanced hikers, here are five energizing hiking spots in Nebraska waiting for you!

The Wildcat Hills State Recreation Area offers miles of beautiful yet rugged trails to hike with spectacular views of the North Platte River Valley. For more advanced hikers, there are some very challenging and steep trails here. 

This is Scotts Bluff’s most famous trail. At 1.6 miles-long in one direction, Saddle Rock Trail is considered to be strenuous and has an elevation change of 435 feet. 

It may not seem like this trail is a huge challenge at 1.34 miles, it can be a rather strenuous trek. Corps of Discovery Trail is named after the Lewis and Clark Expedition who passed through this area in August 1804. This hike is not recommended for novices. The views at the top are outstanding. 

This trail is open to hikers, mountain bikers, and horseback riders. In 2006, a fire burned the area and according to its website, numerous snags still remain so it’s best to proceed with caution. On windy days, this roughly six-mile loop trail can cause falling hazards. Despite this, the area is magnificently beautiful and makes for an excellent hike. 

Located approximately 30 miles from Lincoln, the Platte River State Park offers plenty of moderate hiking trails. Our recommendation is to head to the one that leads directly to a picturesque waterfall. While you're making your way to the refreshing falls, don’t let the scenic views distract you. On the western side of the park, there are plenty of twists and turns on this trail to keep you on your toes. 

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5 Beautiful Scenic Hikes in Nebraska Nebraska is home to a beautiful blend of rolling countryside hills mixed with bluffs and rivers winding through the state. With the numerous state parks, it isn’t too difficult to find a hiking trail to get out and explore all of these natural sites. To help you narrow down your options, we’ve put together five of truly beautiful scenic hikes to enjoy in Nebraska.

Smith Falls is the highest waterfall in the state of Nebraska and you can reach it by hiking the Smith Falls trail. This scenic route takes you across a historic truss bridge spanning the Niobrara River until you reach the falls. Nearby, you can also hop on the Jim McAllister Nature Trail, a one-mile trail that weaves through the stunning Niobrara River Valley. Six distinct biological systems are combined in this area, which makes for some incredible wildlife watching.

The Toadstool Geological Park is made up of enormous sandstone creations and still bears the tracks of animals and remnants from a river that flowed through the site nearly 30 million years ago. Hiking the one-mile or three-mile trails through this incredible site feels like you’re walking on the rocky white surface of the moon while you discover unusual yet stunning geological formations.

Indian Cave State Park is located on over 3,000 acres of land and is Nebraska’s second-largest state park. For hikers that wish to leave all modern amenities behind, this is your place. This untouched park offers 22 miles of hiking trails with plenty of amazing spots to stop and see birds, animals, and spectacular views of the forest. The best time to visit is in the autumn for spectacular views of the forest’s fall foliage.

Eugene T. Mahoney State Park in Ashland sits along the Platte River and attracts more than one million visitors every year. The 690-acre park offers year-round, family-friendly hiking trails with fantastic views of the river. There is also a two-mile trail that takes you to an observation tower for even more great views. 

Located just outside of Lincoln, Platte River State Park offers hikers scenic routes through the tranquil Stone Creek Falls. The park also features two observation towers with stunning views of the Platte River. Keep in mind, these trails are for hikers who like a bit of a challenge! A significant portion of the trails is uphill.

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5 Exhilarating Jet Skiing Spots in Nebraska With dozens of lakes, Nebraska has plenty of water at a jet skier’s disposal. Whether you’re looking to jet ski alone or with friends, you’re certain to come across plenty of fun and exciting spots to get some use out of your watercraft. Here are five great jet skiing spots in Nebraska.

As the largest lake in Omaha that allows jet skis, you can get a lot of time out on the water at Levi Carter Park. The 500-acre Carter Lake offers several amenities, such as a marina, to enjoy a weekend of jet skiing fun.

Lake Manawa is located just outside of Omaha in Council Bluffs, however it is enjoyed by thousands of Nebraskans every year. Lake Manawa allows all kinds of water-based activities, including jet skiing. With 772 acres of lake to enjoy, jet skiers will have no problem carving out their own space. 

Lake McConaughy, situated just outside of Ogallala, is a spectacular location to jet ski on a reservoir on the North Platte River. As Nebraska’s largest lake, there are miles and miles of water to enjoy with friends and family. 

Open year-round, Lake Maloney is just six miles south of North Platte and offers camping, fishing, and allows for plenty of water activities for hours of fun. Grab your jet ski and head out on this 1,000-acre lake to catch some waves and watch some wildlife.

Located in central Nebraska, Calamus Reservoir is a 5,123-acre lake that allows water activities of all kinds—from water skiing to jet skiing. 

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5 Best Dirt Motorcycle Trails in Nebraska Thrill seekers will find well-maintained and challenging motocross trails and off-road parks all across Nebraska. With terrain suitable for even the most novice rider, there’s something for everyone in the dirt biking community. Here are the five best dirt biking trails in the state.  

Fiddler Creek is a seriously fun track which features a main and beginners track. This means fun for everyone. Great members make Fiddler Creek one of the top motorcycle trails in the area. 

The Dismal River is over 11 miles of windy and fast sandy trails for all day riding. The wide-open areas makes for long and beautiful rides like no other place. 

The Abbott Sports Complex in Lincoln features three awesome motocross tracks. A main track, vet track, and mini track, as well as trail riding. The main track is a massive over 30-foot wide national style track which provides serious fun for riders. 

If you are ready for the best place to “get your off road fix,” then head to Off Road Ranch in Norfolk. They have a drag strip, motocross/four-wheeler course, and monthly events such as freestyle jumps. This is one of the top places around to ride with friends. 

The Harlan County Lake in Alma offers over nine miles of trails that wind through hills, sand, and grass. The trail is open year-round and well equipped which ensures everyone has a blast riding.

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5 Cool Spots for ATV Off-Roading in Nebraska If you want to get out into nature and explore some of the best outdoor trails with your ATV, then Nebraska has a ton of great options for you and your friends. There are plenty of outdoor playgrounds right in your backyard. We’ve gathered 5 awesome places for ATV off-roading in Nebraska that you must visit! 

ATVs, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, Jeeps, dune buggies, and more, are all permitted in the Bessey Ranger District. This spot is open year-round, and boasts 90,000 acres and 300 miles of roads, sand rails, ATV trails and more. This is an off-roading lover’s paradise.  

Fiddler Creek is a great motocross park that offers two awesome tracks, one main track and one for beginners. It’s a well-maintained track with friendly members. Membership gets you a key to the track, but you can also check their Facebook page for open rides days. 

Cedar Run offers a great combination of a 470-acre trail and also a nearby campground. The trail is open year-round and recent improvements include marking for your convenience. 

Off Road Ranch in Norfolk is an incredible place to get your fix of off-roading. Motocross bikes, ATVs, and quads are permitted to ride on the various courses. One great feature is the 300-foot sand drag strip to test your skills! 

Another popular spot for off-roading, this area allows ATVs, dirt bikes, dune buggies, sand trails, trucks, and more. This area is open year-round, barring inclement weather conditions during certain seasons. There are dirt roads and trails throughout Pine Ridge. There is also camping, auto tours, and hunting in the area. 

*Note: Age restrictions, special licenses, and other requirements for off highway vehicles vary from state to state. Before heading out on your OHV, please consult your local regulations.

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5 Great Hiking Trails in Nebraska Nebraska is home to numerous top-notch state parks with well-maintained hiking trails and fun activities for all ages. If you’re looking for a fun weekend escape, there are plenty of places in Nebraska where you and your family can be one with nature. Here are 5 excellent hiking trails for families to explore in Nebraska. 

This wetland sanctuary includes some excellent trails around the marsh and family-friendly events such as 2nd Saturdays which offer educational programs geared toward families with children. On the Heron Haven trails, you’ll spot many types of birds, butterflies, and other wildlife creatures and critters.

For a day trip from Omaha or Lincoln, take your family exploring at the Eugene T. Mahoney State Park. In addition to well-maintained walking and bike trails, the park also has an aquatic center, indoor playground, observation tower, and sledding and ice skating activities during the winter months for families to enjoy. Mahoney State Park also offers family-friend facilities for camping near the lake if you want to stay out exploring the trails all weekend.

The Fontanelle Forest has lots of children’s play areas as well as special activities for children planned throughout the year. For example, on Family Sundays the park invites families to come out and discover the forest. There are hiking trails for all ages and abilities so everyone can enjoy the fantastic sights and sounds.

The trails at the Wildlife Safari Park in Ashland cover roughly two miles in a serene setting. Families can hike through the Wolf Woods, or head over to Frog Lake, and witness some incredible wildlife and nature up close and personal. The park is home to elk, deer, bison, and many more animals native to the state.

For a family picnic with incredible views, visit Schramm Park in Louisville and explore the bluffs along the river. Take your family exploring around the trout ponds, aquarium, or the geologic display. The 1.3-mile trail at Schramm Park welcomes hikers of all skill levels so you can enjoy the pleasant sounds and wildlife with the whole family.

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5 Awesome Trail Running Spots in Nebraska If you’re not a runner in Nebraska, it’s time to change that! Nebraska is home to a number of incredible nature trails for a quick or more lengthy run and they all offer unique, beautiful perspectives of the state. If you’re ready to get out into nature, here are five awesome trail running spots in Nebraska.

Located in Wilderness Park, the 6.5-mile Jamaica North Trail winds through the park all the way to Beatrice, Nebraska. As one of the area’s most popular trails, work is underway to expand access to the trail, making it much easier to get to and from other Lincoln area trails. This expansion is a major winner for runners of central Nebraska!

The Chalco Hills Trails make up a series of mulched trails that run through a beautiful forested area perfect for a weekend run. Hop on the trail at any point and along the way you’ll find scenic views of prairie grasses and stunning foliage in the fall. 

While a large portion of the Dannebrog Trail is paved, there is also a very nice wood chipped trail that winds through the historic Hannibal Woods and around the abandoned Union Pacific rail line. 

This 20-mile trail spans from the southeast town of Beatrice to the Nebraska/Kansas state line. Named after a Ponca chief, the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska owns and maintains this trail for visitors to enjoy. If you’re looking for a killer workout combined with stunning scenery, then Chief Standing Bear Trail is the place to go.

The Niobrara State Park encompasses 14 miles of trails that wind through the dunes and along the Niobrara River. The beautiful park is perfect for a run through the forest and to enjoy the many birds and wildlife native to the area. The trails vary in length, difficulty, and surface—ranging from grasslands to chipped limestone to suit all types of runners.

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ATV Off-Roading Adventure at Nebraska National Forest For ATV enthusiasts, there’s nothing better than a weekend getaway on the trails and back roads of Nebraska. No matter where you live in the state, you’re not far from a location perfectly suited for an adventure. The Nebraska National Forest offers over 300 miles of trails and is one of the best places in the Midwest for anyone who wants to experience the best of the best. Here’s our guide to the perfect off-roading weekend trip in Nebraska. 

Sprawling across more than 90,000 acres, the Nebraska National Forest (Bessey Ranger District) near Halsey is one of the most welcoming spots in the state for serious ATV and all other motorsport riders. Make your way into the park and enjoy 300 miles of roads and trails perfect for ATVs. The Nebraska National Forest is open year-round for both riding and camping.

After a long day of riding, there’s nothing like a hearty meal. Make your way to the nearby Cowpoke Cafe, a local hot spot in Thedford. The Cowpoke Cafe is famous for its delicious home cooking and with cold Nebraska-brewed beers, excellent burgers, and friendly service, what more could you ask for? 

After a day out enjoying the Nebraska National Forest, rest up at the Halsey Frontier Inn in downtown Halsey. This comfortable, friendly inn hosts many of the forest’s riders all year round, so they know exactly what you need after a long day out on the trails.

While you’re in the Nebraska National Forest, a visit to the Scott Lookout Tower is a must. Renovated in 2011, the tower offers stunning views of the surrounding forest and grasslands. Watch your step as the climb up to the tower is narrow, however, the 360-degree scenic views are a must-see!

On your way out, you can also stop at America’s 20th Century Veterans Memorial in North Platte. This ambitious monument honors military veterans and heroes who served their country and is made up of many larger-than-life bronze statues and plaques. The memorial is open year-round and self-guided tours are available. 

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5 Best Birdwatching Hikes in Nebraska It’s true that Nebraska is home to the largest concentration of sandhill cranes on the planet, with over half a million birds making the state their wintering and breeding grounds. But that’s not all Nebraska birdwatching has to offer. From prairie birds to forest birds, Nebraska’s vast ecosystem provides the perfect home for birds of all kinds. Here are five wonderful bird watching hikes to check out in Nebraska.

During the spring months, a hike around the Platte River Valley is a must. Especially during March, when an astonishing half a million sandhill cranes make their way across the Platte Valley. To prepare for your hike, be sure to check the weather first as it can vary greatly depending on the time of year. You’ll want to dress comfortably to maximize your stay.

The Elkhorn Valley Trail features a scenic route across the rolling hills and prairies of Nebraska. It’s also a hotbed for birdwatching. Some of the best birdwatching sites along the trail are near the Fremont Lakes State Recreation Area as well as the Dead Timber State Recreation Area. 

The Missouri Valley Trail is right in the path for many migratory birds. As you make your way through the trail, you’ll encounter a number of great birdwatching spots. Some of the birds you might see along the trail include the American woodcock, the ruby-throated hummingbird, northern cardinals, barred owls, and some incredible snow geese.

Located alongside the Niobrara River, the Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge is a 19,000-acre paradise for a variety of Great Plains birds. If you make the trek, then get ready to spot a variety of plants, animals, and of course, birds. Birds native to the area include the grasshopper sparrow, the sharp-tailed grouse, and more than 230 other species.

The Central Sandhills Trail winds through the heart of Nebraska’s largest natural ecosystem. The 19,000-acre grassland region makes up almost a quarter of the entire state and the Nebraska Sandhills is the largest grassland ecosystem in the whole country. As a result, the trail is one of the best in the Midwest for spotting nesting and feeding birds of all kinds. Species of birds you’re bound to encounter on this trail include the black-crowned night heron, Wilson’s phalarope, eastern screech owl, white-breasted nuthatch, American avocet, Canada goose, trumpeter swan, and many others.

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5 Excellent Places for Beginners to Kayak in Nebraska There are some strikingly beautiful rivers and lakes in Nebraska that are perfect for lovers of kayaking. However, if you’re new to the sport, not to worry. There are plenty of spots for beginner kayakers to get out and enhance their skills in a safe, family-friendly environment. Maybe kayak in the presence of a guide or take a safety course for your first time on the water. Here are five excellent spots for beginners to kayak in Nebraska.

Flowing through the Niobrara Valley in Valentine, kayaking down the Niobrara offers serene views of waterfalls and sandstone bluffs. Many stretches of the river are remote as it stretches for hundreds of miles. There are also plenty of places for beginners to drop in their kayaks as the Niobrara is a relatively easy-going river. The water level remains high consistently year-round, so you can also visit any time of the year. Just be warned that, at times, it can get a bit crowded during the summer months.

In Southeastern Nebraska, another good spot to kayak is the small reservoir named Olive Creek Lake. The waters are calm and you’ll also spot a lot of wildlife while kayaking around. The fishing at Olive Creek Lake is also great, so even beginners can kayak out to the best fishing spots.

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Another great spot for beginners to test out their kayaking skills is Carter Lake, just outside of Omaha. This shallow, oxbow lake is home to a large array of fish, so you can go kayaking and enjoy some excellent fishing. Just be warned it can get very busy on the weekends so it’s best to head out early!

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Almost all of the rivers in Nebraska are slow-flowing, but there are also plenty of lakes in the state that are great for beginner kayakers to hone their skills. Lake McConaughy in Keith County is another good option. As Nebraska’s largest reservoir, it is very accessible and perfect for those just getting their paddles in the water. 

Named after the once great Ponca Indian leader, Chief Standing Bear, the Standing Bear Lake in Omaha is another good, less-crowded option for beginner kayakers. With lots of access points, anyone can head out and have an enjoyable time at Standing Bear Lake.

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7 Best Bait and Tackle Shops in Nebraska The best part about visiting local bait and tackle shops is that they are almost always located near the lakes and rivers where you’re planning your catch. Therefore, everyone behind the counter knows exactly what will work best for the fish you’re after and they can offer anything else you might need for a successful catch. Here are the eight best bait and tackle shops in Nebraska.

Wolf Tackle Shop in Lincoln has been around since 1985 and carries a huge selection of lures, bait, and tackle. The staff is incredibly helpful when it comes to selecting the best gear and baits to snag that big catch!


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Grove Lake Bait Shop in Royal is a one-stop shop for all of your fishing supplies. Live bait, ice, snacks, as well as fishing licenses can all be picked up here before you head out on the water.

Dry Dock Bait Shop is located near Lake Minatare and run by the “bait shop ladies.” They sell a variety of bait and tackle for recreationists who need supplies and campers who are spending the whole weekend fishing nearby.

Stop in to Outdoors Unlimited in Norfolk for live bait, such as minnows and nightcrawlers. Keep your ears open as you may also pick up some fishing secrets from the experts! 

Stetson Corner Store in Lemoyne carries all of your bait and tackle needs and prides itself on having fresh live bait as well. This is a must-visit before your next fishing trip to pick up not only fishing supplies but also clothing, towels, camping gear, and much more.

Geno’s Minno Mart in Columbus specializes in live bait and everything you need for a great day fishing! The knowledgeable staff will help you pick out the most suitable bait for the different fish in nearby waters. 

Joey’s Bait & Supplies in Omaha carries high-quality outdoor gear as well as live bait and fishing supplies. Find all you’ll need and more at this awesome, local shop. 

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5 Beautiful Backpack Camping Spots in Nebraska When it comes to choosing a camping spot, the only thing a backpacking camper needs is a water source and flat spot to sleep for the night. Thankfully, there are plenty of places where you can not only sleep comfortably but also enjoy a day of fishing or relaxation in nature. Here are five beautiful backpack camping spots in Nebraska.

Located right where the Niobrara and Missouri rivers meet, the Niobrara State Park offers excellent camping options tucked in the hills and coupled with an unforgettable outdoor experience. The Niobrara State Park campgrounds include picnic spots and grills for meals. Backpackers will also find Adirondack shelters available. Horseback trails, hiking trails, and fishing are just a few of the activities you can enjoy at this stunning countryside camping spot.

The Lewis and Clark State Recreation Area is located near the second largest lake in Nebraska in Crofton. Beautiful camping spots are located right along the shoreline of the lake where there is plenty of trees for shade, picnic shelters, showers, and a playground. A few different campgrounds are available with various levels of services depending on how primitive of a camping experience you’re after.

Fort Kearny is home to one of the world’s largest populations of sandhill cranes and waterfowl and provides a variety of more primitive camping options. Enormous cottonwood trees, some over 100 years-old, shade the camping area located in the central Platte River valley. Showers, picnic areas, grills, and many trails are available to explore. 

Located along the picturesque Missouri River bluffs in Northwestern Nebraska, Ponca State Park is a top choice for backpacking campers. With more than 20 miles of trails, there is plenty to explore and see throughout the wooded bluffs. Ponca State Park provides primitive camping options year-round along with showers, picnic tables, fire pits, and other basic services for all your camping needs.

Two Rivers is another fantastic camping option for backpackers. The recreation area is surrounded by more than 300 acres of land, seven ponds, and amazing views of the Platte River. There are plenty of camping spots to choose from with amenities ranging from showers, picnic areas, a kiosk, and restroom facilities.

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SPOTLIGHT: Things to Do in and Around Fort Robinson State Park With preserved relics and historic trails that pioneers once traveled, Fort Robinson State Park is the ultimate escape in Nebraska. This park boasts plentiful hiking, mountain biking, and equestrian trails, camping opportunities, and surrounding attractions that call for a several days of exploration. Here are the best things to do in and around Fort Robinson State Park.  

Western Nebraska is dotted with historic sites nestled in some of the Midwest’s most beautiful state parks. From 1873 until after World War II, Fort Robinson served as a military camp and many of its original buildings are still in use at the Fort Robinson State Park today. The area has a long history and currently offers a wide range of activities and places to stay and explore the rich history of the land. 

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All of the trails at Fort Robinson State Park are open to hikers, and most are open to mountain bikers and equestrians. The trails wind through forests, meadows, streams, and rugged hills and there’s no shortage of plants and wildlife to enjoy along the way. Head to the Soldier Creek Loop for a quiet hike in the wilderness that crosses approximately 11 miles from the parking area at the North and Middle Fork trailheads and connects to the Trooper Trail. 

The Smiley Canyon scenic drive will take you from the Fort Robinson Camping Area through a beautiful canyon where you’ll see bison and pronghorn roaming freely. This majestic drive does not see a lot of traffic, so you’ll have some of the best views in all of the park to yourself.

Fort Robinson State Park offers plenty of shady camping spaces with electrical hookups, picnic tables, modern restrooms and showers, and shelters. The park is also very accommodating to horses, offering horse barns to put your horse up for the night. With many trails to hike and to ride, Fort Robinson campgrounds are the perfect place to camp and enjoy the great outdoors.

Find out just how tough life was for early settlers at the Museum of the Fur Trade in nearby Chadron. The museum stands on the site of an old trading post established for the American Fur Company in 1837. It houses an outstanding collection of trade goods, cutlery, textiles, costumes, and much more.

After a long day outdoors, unwind with a visit to the Post Playhouse, Northwestern Nebraska’s best live theatre company located in Crawford. With several productions rotating at a time, this small but delightful theater brings together some of the best professionals from across the country and nearby.

For an exciting ride through the buttes of Fort Robinson, you can book a ride on an open-air Jeep and learn about the history and geology of the area while the wind flows through your hair. For a more relaxed option, book a spot on the horse-drawn tour of the park and surrounding buttes.

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5 Best Fishing Spots in Nebraska If you’re in search of a beautiful place to kick back, relax, and hook that big catch, Nebraska is your state. There are spectacular fishing options available in Nebraska year-round. Whether you’re into catching catfish or walleye, discover what makes Nebraska a great state for anglers with the five best fishing spots. 

When you think of Nebraska’s Sandhills you might think of arid dunes. However, there are also thousands of lakes scattered throughout the area. And while the majority of the lakes are quite shallow, it’s a great spot to find big yellow bellies and more. The public access area can get busy so make your way South where there is less traffic and deeper water to enjoy. The deepest Sandhill lake is the Blue Lake in Garden County. 

This reservoir on the North Platte River offers excellent boating and fishing with cool, clear, and deep waters. The fish you can find in Lake McConaughy include rainbow trout and catfish, but the prized fish is the walleye. In fact, the lake hosts several walleye tournaments each year. If you need to stock up on supplies before you go, check out Vogl’s Lodge & Lure in Lemoyne. Anglers will find gas, bait, tackle, permits, fishing licenses, and more. 

Nebraska’s Box Butte Reservoir boasts a 1,600-acre lake and another great fishing spot loaded with pike. In recent years, there have been efforts to reduce the overpopulation of pike in the lake, so make your way here for some fantastic catches any time of the year.

As one of the best spots to catch catfish in the state, the Merritt Reservoir offers fishing enthusiasts a great chance to hook a big fish from the shore or from a boat. Because of the booming catfish population, this spot is picking up popularity so get out there and catch some before everyone else does! Stop at the Merritt Trading Post Resort in Valentine for bait and tackle, convenience store snacks, beer, fuel, and much more. 

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The Wagon Train Lake is a smaller lake but with excellent fishing. From catfish to angler, this 315-acre lake is the perfect spot to catch a top-notch fish. Some fishermen have reported catching fish up to 12 to 15 pounds. Many locals also report catching largemouth bass, rock bass, bluegill, and much more at the Wagon Train Lake. 

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7 Best Winter Cabin Camping Spots in Nebraska Camping is one of the best ways to get close to nature, and camping in the winter is an even more special experience. With a little extra gear and the proper planning, winter camping can be pure bliss. The best way to rough it without freezing your butt off in a tent is by staying at one of the great cabin options Nebraska has to offer during the winter. Here are our favorites.  

Merritt Trading Post Resort is a unique camping spot that has 15 cabins, boat rentals, fishing, and much more. The resort offers beautiful, panoramic views of the lake and easy access to top-notch pheasant, waterfowl, deer, and turkey hunting. 

Medicine Creek is located along a beautiful 1,768-acre lake that provides you with excellent camping. You can rent one of their lakefront cabins and enjoy the spectacular views.

Founded in 1921, Chadron State Park is quietly nestled inside distinctive buttes and canyons of Nebraska’s Pine Ridge. The location is popular among campers and hikers because of the incredible landscapes. Fully-furnished cabins are available with built-in kitchens and all the supplies you need for a winter weekend getaway. 

Eugene T. Mahoney State Park, also known simply as Mahoney, is a fantastic park that is open year-round. There are tons of options for hiking trails, biking, and visiting an observation tower. During the winter months, they have sledding and ice skating, and cabins available for rent. 

The Victoria Spring State Recreation Area has been described as an oasis in the Sand Hills. The name comes from the mineral springs located within the 60-acre park. Spring water from here is bottled and sold country-wide. The park offers modern cabins with all the furnishings and built-in kitchenettes. 

Lewis and Clark State Recreation Area runs along the state’s northeast border with South Dakota and was part of Lewis and Clark’s famous exploration. The park offers modern, cozy cabins for relaxation.

Niobrara State Park is nestled between the Niobrara and Missouri Rivers. At this tranquil park you can rent a cabin with furnished kitchens, stoves, and screened-in porches. During the day, you will be able to enjoy lots of wildlife watching opportunities from the comfort of your cabin. 


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