10 Best Archery Outfitters in California

By Carly Zinderman

10 Best Archery Outfitters in California

There’s more to archery than a simple bow and arrow. The sport takes invested time, patience, and the latest in technology to hit your mark. From deer hunting to target shooting, California’s first-rate archery outfitters will set you up for success. For high-quality brands and the proper guidance, check out the 10 best in the state! 

1. Wilderness Archery, Rocklin, CA

Customers love that Wilderness Archery not only carries top brands like Mathews, Hoyt, PSE, Bowtech, and more, but a staff that is knowledgeable about archery and can do things like tune and repair equipment. The staff is patient and helpful to make sure that customers know exactly what they need.

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2. Predator’s Archery, Gilroy, CA

At Predator’s Archery, you can take lessons and learn about archery before you purchase equipment. Many fans love the experts for patience and guiding wisdom and end up taking more than one lesson! Check out the local Groupon for deals on lessons as a unique way to spend an afternoon.

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3. Riverside Archery, Riverside, CA

Riverside Archery has a knowledgeable staff that has made it a favorite with both new archers and more experienced fans. Look for Groupon deals as an introduction to the sport and then check out the store’s stock of gear and equipment to continue to enjoy the sport.


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4. Hi-Tech Archery, Fullerton, CA

Hi-Tech Archery offers one-on-one training for new archers as well as the latest gear for more experienced archers. Patient instructors offer guidance for both adults and kids, making it a family-friendly place to stop.

5. Bullock’s Archery, Ventura, CA

Bullock’s Archery is a one-stop shop for all archery needs. Whether you need lessons, guidance, or help to start things out for the first time, Bullock’s can steer you in the right direction. More experienced archers will find gear and services to customize equipment and repair it.

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6. Marin Archery Shop, San Anselmo, CA

The helpful and friendly staff help new archers and experienced hunters find everything they need to enjoy the sport! The owner has a long-time fan base of loyal customers that drive to his store from all over the Bay Area to get personalized attention that can’t be found at larger outdoor equipment shops.

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7. San Francisco Archery Pro Shop, San Francisco, CA

The family-run business has been a favorite spot for archers of all experience levels for years. The experienced staff will help you find the right bows and equipment to fit your needs and skills as well as offer lessons, rentals, and other tools and tips. 

8. Bow N Arrow Shop, Lakeside, CA

Bow N Arrow Shop is a good place to start learning about archery. From helping you get set up with gear to offering advice on how to best shoot, Bow N Arrow has it all. Be prepared to wait if you go on a weekend as the customer service is excellent and accommodates each individuals’ needs. 

9. FS Discount Archery, Tustin, CA

FS Discount Archery is a no-frills shop that offers customized service. You’ll find great deals and prices as well as a smart staff that can help you out with all of your archery needs. Hours are limited but you can also make orders online and over the phone. The shop has been a family run business since 1968, so they must be doing something right! 

10. TLC Archery, Buellton, CA

TLC Archery is a labor of love from a husband and wife with a big ranch and many years of experience as professionals in archery. Call ahead to make a reservation for a lesson or a practice session and check out the variety of equipment they have in stock. The staff is happy to help with all your archery needs and even custom order anything that they may not carry. 

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