10 Best Archery Outfitters in Connecticut

10 Best Archery Outfitters in Connecticut

From top-of-the-line bows, to quivers, arrows, and more, archers of all skill levels should be equipped with the proper gear for a successful experience. Connecticut is host to a wealth of archery stores manned by expert employees and stocked with all of your favorite brands. Here are the 10 best archery outfitters in the state! 

1. Andover Archery Center, Andover, CT

Andover Archery has undergone a complete renovation and sells some spectacular gear. Check out their bows by Elite and G5 Prime, as well as stunning—but functional—suede and leather quivers by Bear Paw

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2. Newbury Archery, Goshen, CT

Newbury Archery carries just about everything an archer could need or want—and practically everything is in stock. Check out bows, crossbows, arrows, quivers, accessories and more by Elite, Hoyt, Mathews, Parker and Easton, to name just a few.

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3. Wasp Archery, Plymouth, CT

Wasp makes its own archery products in America, and sells them both through dealers and their store in Connecticut. Check out the Crossbow Boss or their mechanical broadhead Dueler. Do note that it’s imperative you know local game laws before hunting with this type of expanding broadhead.

4. HAIL Archery, Killingworth, CT

This archery shop is the official home of Lightning Archery products. Find all varieties of stabilizers, sights, jigs, bowstrings, and more. The team at HAIL always provides top-quality products and top-quality service so that you have a successful hunt every single time. 

5. The Hook and Arrow, Plainville, CT

Whether you’re a hunter or a target shooter, the Hook and Arrow carries all the archery equipment you’ll need. They carry a nice line of carbon arrows by Beman. They also carry bows and accessories by G5 Prime. 

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6. Fairfield County Firearms & Archery LLC, Norwalk, CT

The new and used inventory changes regularly at Fairfield County Firearms & Archery LLC, but the brands always indicate good quality. They frequently sell archery equipment by Elite and G5 Prime. They pride themselves on the tradition of making sure everyone who buys a bow or crossbow knows or learns right away how to safely operate it.

7. BCY Bowstring, Middletown, CT

BCY Bowstring sells nothing but strings and accessories for your bow or crossbow, but as avid enthusiasts know, this is vital to the sport. BCY doesn’t just sell bowstrings, however. They manufacture them, too. And everyone on staff understands archery. Check them out the next time your bow or crossbow requires restringing.

8. Cabela’s, East Hartford, CT

You’ll find lots for the archer at Cabela’s. In addition, you might even visit while they’re hosting a demonstration sponsored by a manufacturer. Check out their equipment by Easton, Diamond, and Bear, as well as cases by Plano.

9. Bass Pro Shops, Bridgeport, CT

Neet makes some of the best accessories for archers, and Bass Pro Shops carries a nice selection of them. You’ll also find bows by Genesis (https://www.genesisbow.com/) and Bear, as well as arrows by Gold Tip and strings by ArrowDynamic.

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10. Hall’s Arrow, Manchester, CT

Not only does Hall’s Arrow teach children and adults to become fine archers, they also carry an impressive selection of excellent equipment. You’ll find bows by Hoyt and Mathews, as well as arrows by Easton. They make custom arrows for the bow hunter and are typically stocked with both new and used crossbows.