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10 Best Archery Outfitters in New Mexico

By Susan Brown

10 Best Archery Outfitters in New Mexico

Archery can be done in a variety of ways: You can practice target shooting indoors or outdoors, among friends or on your own, or you can try out bow hunting. An Olympic sport since 1900, it’s a dynamic—requiring great practice and patience. There’s a large community of archers in New Mexico, and these outfitters will stock you up with the best gear. 

1. Archery Shoppe, Albuquerque, NM

Whether you’re hunting or just target shooting, you need equipment that gets high marks for precision and durability. That’s what you’ll find at this very large, full-service shop. It’s a licensed dealer for a number of top brands that include Hoyt, Mathews, Bowtech, to just name a few. Inventory includes both new and used equipment, as well as all of the accessories needed to get you sighted in. 

2. Bowdacious Archery & Supplies, Espanola, NM

This shop lives up to its name…it has an excellent selection of bows for all ages, cases, arrows, quivers, targets and a variety of other equipment needed for this sport. The service department provides assistance with tuning, sighting, restringing and bow set-up. If you’re a hunter, you can also pick up a New Mexico Game and Fish license, a mandatory requirement for shooting any game. Well-situated to meet the needs of customers throughout the Four Corners region.

3. High Desert Archery, Las Cruces, NM

How about a birthday party at an archery range? It can happen here, at the largest indoor range in the southern part of the state. That’s not all. There are indoor league activities as well as year-round tournaments and lessons and kid’s camps. It’s a great place to try out a bow before buying. You’ll find an extensive selection of bows and a wide array of archery accessories. Customer service is top-notch and ranges from a basic tune-up to a super one that covers everything from safety-check to lubing.

4. Rio Rancho Archery & Armory, Rio Rancho, NM

Take a bow and some arrows into the forest and hunting becomes an entirely different experience than with a firearm. The experts here, who sell all types of hunting equipment, know that and can guide archers in appropriate equipment and accessory purchases. You’ll find bows, quivers, grips, targets and tools. Service options include bow tuning, bow speed testing, and custom bow strings. Buy, sell, transfer and trading equipment also an available alternative.

5. Rough Country Outdoor Gear, Silver City, NM

A 20-year history of serving the southwestern part of the state with specialized products for outdoor activities makes this shop a great first-stop for archery needs. Inventory includes top brands from industry leaders. A full-range of archery supplies available. Archery repairs done on-site. The proprietors of this locally-owned store turned a hobby, a passion for the outdoors, into a thriving business.

6. Archery Hut & Borderland Taxidermy, Las Cruces, NM

If you’re new to the sport of archery, the folks here will walk you through everything you need to know and provide all that you need to be successful. They have an indoor archery range for testing new equipment and for practicing. You’ll find a knowledgeable, friendly staff that offers accurate information and exceptional service. 

7. Cloudcroft Archery, Cloudcroft, NM

With seven indoor shooting lanes and an abundance of equipment to test you might be tempted to hang out here. You’d be welcome. The owners are new to shop keeping, but not new to hunting. They’re authorized dealers for PSE and Prime bows and for Vortex Optics, a first-rate scopes and binocular company. Expert training, a pro shop, great service and accessories galore will keep you coming back.

8. High Desert Outdoors, Inc., Raton, NM

This is a shop for outdoorsy gear heads, specifically those who like to hunt. Hundreds of products fill the walls, shelves and racks. The archery department is stocked with bows, crossbows, arrows, crossbolts, broadheads, field points, targets and other items for hunting, recreational and competitive archery. On hand is also a bow press for tuning, adjustments and string replacements, as well as an expert who can cut and fletch arrows. 

9. Big R Farm & Ranch Supply, Farmington, NM

With multiple locations in New Mexico, these all-purpose stores offer a wide-range of outdoor equipment to those who work or play outside. The archery department has hundreds of items for archers of all ages and experience. This one-stop-shop may cater to a diverse audience of farm, ranch and sports enthusiasts, but a 50-year history of service gives them a unique understanding of their customers’ needs.

10. Killshot Outdoors, Roswell, NM

Practice, practice, practice. That’s how you get better at anything. Improve your archery skills here six-days-a-week at the indoor range on your own or take some lessons from one of the experts on-hand. Pick out a new bow or exchange an old one with an upgrade. Inventory includes Diamond, Elite, and more, plus an assortment of accessories. Also offer bow service and tuning, custom orders and information on target shoots and competitions.

As local communities continue to update Covid-19 regulations, local destinations for outdoor recreation may be closed. Please visit official websites for the latest information.

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