10 Best Bait and Tackle Shops in Utah

10 Best Bait and Tackle Shops in Utah

Utah is a fisherman’s dream. Featuring plenty of freshwater lakes, reservoirs, streams, and rivers, in addition to the famous Great Salt Lake, Utah is an international fishing destination. A large selection of bait and tackle shops makes the fishing even better. With the help of one of these 10 shops, prepare to have a successful fishing experience.  

1. Eddie Robinson’s Fly Fishing, Orem, UT

Perfect for expert fly fishers as well as for those who have never tried fly fishing, Eddie Robinson’s Fly Fishing will help you navigate the basics or take your fly fishing to the next level. The store’s helpful staff will recommend reliable gear depending on your experience and needs. The next step? Putting that gear into use in the ever-so-close Rocky Mountains. 

2. Fish Tech Outfitters, Salt Lake City, UT

Located just south of Salt Lake City proper, Fish Tech Outfitters gets a great amount of traffic given its relatively low-key location. That’s because people know the shop is trustworthy in all senses of the word. Staff will help you find exactly what you need from a great selection of well-priced products. 

3. Trout Bum 2 Fly Shop, Park City, UT

Located a half mile north of the enormous Park City Mountain Ski Area, Trout Bum 2 Fly Shop is a bait and tackle shop with personality, as its name suggests. Here, not only can you buy your fishing supplies—you can schedule time with a fishing guide to take you on the Provo, Green, or Weber Rivers. Fly fishing has never been easier, or more fun. 

4. Anglers Den, Roy, UT

With the slogan, “The best way to a fisherman’s heart is through his fly,” Anglers Den—and its employees’ 75 years of combined fishing experience—will help you prepare for a great day of fishing. Selling fly rods, tackle, reels, and other fishing accessories, the shop prides itself on an ability to not only sell you the right gear, but to help you make the most of the gear you buy. 

5. Park City Fly Shop, Park City, UT

Another Park City bait and tackle shop, the aptly named Park City Fly Shop wants to help you take advantage of the great fishing Utah has to offer by helping you find the right gear and fishing guides. While the fly shop is well known for its guide service, it does sell a considerable amount of gear that will be of great use to you during your fishing adventure! 

6. Fishwest, Sandy, UT

One of the best fly fishing outfitters in Salt Lake County, Fishwest will get you excited for what lies ahead: awesome fly fishing with the help of their employees’ expertise and shop’s impressive (and well-organized!) apparel and gear selection. You can also purchase gear from its online shop. But if you visit the store more than once, it’s a guarantee that the employees will remember you. They’re that good.  

7. Circle Valley Anglers, Circleville, UT

The tiny town of Circleville has a population of 500 people, but you’d be surprised to learn that it is the most populous town in Utah’s Piute County. Welcome to Southern Utah, where the living is simple, the landscape is uniquely stunning, and the fishing is world-class. Circle Valley Anglers is the only full line fly shop in Southern Utah, and its guides have been fishing the area’s rivers for decades. If you find yourself in a fishing rut in the middle of the desert, you can get help here. 

8. Western Rivers Flyfisher, Salt Lake City, UT

Supplying Utah fly fishers since 1986, Western Rivers Flyfisher welcomes all kinds: the novice fly fisher, the expert fly fisher, the nonchalant fly fisher, etc. Here, you can expect all the best brands both in store and online (think Simms Fishing, Dr. Slick and Hardy). The employees at Western Rivers Flyfisher know the area like the back of their hand and will be able to adapt their service to any of your needs.

9. Fish Heads Fly Shop, Heber City, UT

A full-service fly shop on Heber City’s charming main street, Fish Heads is only 15 minutes from Park City and mere minutes from one of Utah’s best fishing spots: the gorgeous Provo River. At Fish Heads you can rent gear, book a guide, or purchase all kinds of equipment and apparel. This shop is always adapting to new fishing trends, but still manages to maintain a strong sense of tradition. 

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10. Gitzit Inc., St. George, UT

Gitzit Inc. is a small shop, but given that it is one of the only fishing shops in Southern Utah, it remains very important to the fishing public. Gitzit Inc. sells its own products, which will definitely interest the locally-minded fisherman! Come out and support this small-town shop. 

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