10 Best Bait and Tackle Shops in Virginia

10 Best Bait and Tackle Shops in Virginia

Fishing is one of Virginia’s most important industries, with perfect access to the Chesapeake Bay and many other bodies of water. Whether you’re heading out on a full-on fishing expedition or you’re simply spending the day relaxing with your line in the water, take a look at the following great bait and tackle shops in Virginia. 

1. Jake’s Bait and Tackle, Winchester, VA

Jake’s Bait and Tackle in Winchester, Virginia, carries name brands, from Bass Pro Shops, Denali, Gary Yamamoto, and much more. Not only do they sell bait and tackle, but they offer fantastic tips and tricks for the area.

2. Chris’ Bait and Tackle, Capeville, VA

Chris’s Bait and Tackle in Capeville, Virginia, stocks fresh and frozen bait, along with tackle, rods, and reels. They provide fishing and shooting equipment. You can read a little more about their products online, but it’s best to check them out for yourself in person.

3. Oceans East, Virginia Beach, VA

Oceans East in Virginia Beach, Virginia, is open early and sells a wide array of name brands, including equipment for fresh and salt water fishing. You can shop by brand or order custom riggings and rods. 

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4. Hooker Bait and Tackle, Toano, VA

Hooker Bait and Tackle services all the fishing needs in Toano, Virginia. They invite you “to come visit us for a pleasant, efficient shopping experience,” according to their website. They’ve been in business since 2000 providing the best bait and tackle on the market.

5. Long Bay Pointe Bait and Tackle, Virginia Beach, VA

Perhaps not surprisingly, Virginia Beach is one of the biggest fishing spots in the state. You’re only 15 minutes away from the beach and premier fishing spots nearly anywhere in the city. Long Bay Pointe Bait and Tackle offers huge lines of beverages, snacks, ice, apparel, fuel services, rod, reels, and bait and tackle.

6. Surfside Bait and Tackle, Mechanicsville, VA

Surfside Bait and Tackle provides Mechanicsville, Virginia, with live bait, including minnows, goldfish, eels, crickets, blood worms, red worms, and more. They also stock frozen bait, including squid, shrimp, finger mullet, and chicken neck. Owned by a championship fisherman, the shop has everything you could need.

7. Wallace’s Bait and Tackle, Hampton, VA

Wallace’s Bait and Tackle in Hampton, Virginia, is under new ownership as of February 2017. The new owners have expanded the shop’s offerings, adding beer and snacks to their wide range of bait and tackle.

8. Chesapeake Bait and Tackle, Chesapeake, VA

Chesapeake Bait and Tackle in Chesapeake, Virginia, sells eyelets and tips for your favorite rods, along with a full-service bait and tackle shop. Recently under new ownership, you’ll find just about anything you could ask for here.

9. Virginia Guide Bait Co., Chesterfield, VA

Virginia Guide Bait Co. in Chesterfield, Virginia, is a small, but consistently great bait shop. Featured products include Zoom worm, salty tubes, swamp crawlers, and hogs. Give them a call or stop by to see their entire line.

10. Hopkins Gun and Tackle, Mechanicsville, VA

Hopkins Gun and Tackle in Mechanicsville, Virginia, sells firearms, clothing, gifts, knives, and fishing equipment. Live and frozen bait options include blood worms, red wigglers, mealworms, night crawlers, minnows, and much more.