10 Best Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails in Michigan!

10 Best Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails in Michigan!

You and your furry four-legged best friend can explore the great outdoors together in Michigan. Whether you're looking for a leisurely stroll or a rugged adventure, the state's trails have something to offer every pup and their pawrent. These 10 hikes below offer some of the best spots to explore with your canine companion.

Grand Ravines Dog Park, Jenison, MI

Take your pup on a 21-acre journey of discovery through the enclosed fenced areas for large and small breeds. Located in Jenison, you and your pup will both have a chance to take a break and stretch their legs with the off-leash walking trails. Whether you’re looking for a quick outdoor adventure or a longer expedition, this Jenison spot has it all.

Saugatuck Dunes State Park, Holland, MI

For an outdoor excursion that’s second to none, you and your doggo can adventure along the 1,000-acre state park in Holland. Running through the meadows, forests, or around the dunes, your pups will have plenty of fun! Be safe as the park requires that all dogs remain on a leash.

Maybury State Park, Northville, MI

Just outside of the metropolitan area in Northville, you and your pup can explore the 944 acres of rolling terrain, open meadow, and mature forests offered at the Maybury State Park. Let your furry friend sniff their way through the dog-friendly trails and if they need a break, you can set up a picnic spot and make a day of it.

Provin Trails, Grand Rapids, MI

Take the family pup on a 46-acre journey through the trails of Provin Trails in Grand Rapids. The park's network of interconnected loops offers a variety of hiking options and allows you to take your dog off-leash. Just make sure to keep a close eye and call them back if they tend to wander. 

Brighton Recreation Area, Howell, MI

The Brighton State Recreation Area offers over 4,947 acres of outdoor recreation, nestled between fields and forests. Let your canine companion off-leash on the 39 miles of trails to hike, mountain bike, ski, and horse-ride. And if you need a break, there are plenty of camping sites you can set up for a pawsitively fun night.

Kirk Park, West Olive, MI

Treat your doggo for a lakeside retreat in West Olive's Kirk Park. Enjoy the view from the picnic sites, go for a swim, or take a stroll on the trails. And after all the outdoor fun, let your pup rest up at the dog beach.

Hofma Preserve, Grand Haven, MI

You and your four legged friend can explore the pristine forest and meadows at the Hofma Preserve in Grand Haven. Enjoy 4.5 miles of trails, a 885-foot floating bridge, and picnic areas, all while keeping your pup on a leash. Choose your canine adventure!

Lost Twin Lakes Hiking Trail Head, Prudenville, MI

Head out to the remote Prudenville and explore the 3.4-mile loop at Lost Twin Lakes. The path was made drier and the bridges and boardwalk were added to make the trail more accessible for visitors of all kinds, especially your furry family members. Just remember to keep your pup leashed for the entire hike.

Seidman Park, Ada, MI

Ada's Seidman Park will provide a truly unique experience for you and your pup. This 400-acre park gives you and your dog the chance to explore wood, fields, and wetlands, with plenty of hiking trails to choose from. Don’t pass up this hidden gem!

Sleepy Hollow State Park, Laingsburg, MI

Surround yourself and your furry friend with 2,600 acres of scenery and forests at the Sleepy Hollow State Park. With over 5 miles of trails, you and your pup can create your own adventure in the great outdoors to your heart's content. Make memories and leave only paw prints.