10 Best Ski and Snowboard Stores in California

10 Best Ski and Snowboard Stores in California

California’s love of alternative sports means that however you want to get down a mountain, there’s a shop that can help you do it. From beach cities to mountain villages, these shops have everything you need to ski and snowboard through California’s fiercest mountains. Check out just a few of the top shops around to get you started or to stock up on gear and gadgets. 

1. Rip N’ Willies Ski & Snowboard Shop, South Lake Tahoe, CA

Rip N’ Willies Ski & Snowboard Shop is a labor of love from a husband and wife team with roots in the ski life in Tahoe. Affordable rates and great service have made Rip N’ Willies Ski & Snowboard Shop a favorite with people that return to the area looking to experience snow sports without the hassle and investment of owning their own equipment. Check it out whether you need new gear or want to rent some for your time in town.

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2. Doc’s Ski and Sports, Santa Monica, CA

Doc’s Ski and Sports has been a legend since first opening in the 1950s. Since then the shop has grown to include a variety of gear for both skis and snowboards as well as name brand apparel and other odds and ends necessary for hitting the slopes.

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4. Val Surf, Multiple locations

Val Surf has grown to include several locations as well as its own brand across the state of California. The full-service shop offers both sales and rentals as well as other equipment, gear, clothing and things that are items when skiing or snowboarding. 

5. Rock House Discount Ski & Snowboard Rental, South Lake Tahoe, CA

The Rock House structure dates to the 1930s and currently is home to the “friendliest” ski shop in town. The owner is a competitive skier and the shop is run with love and knowledge of the local area’s focus on snow sports.

6. Milo Snow & Skate, Auburn, CA

Milo Snow is devoted to being a modern store. The knowledgeable staff offer advice as though sharing with friends. You’ll find a variety of services and products at this excellent source of snow gear. You’ll find a variety of snowboards from all the top-notch brands.   

7. CBS Board Shop, Lake Forest, CA

Orange County’s biggest store of its kind, CBS board shop has aisles and aisles of ski and snowboard equipment. The shop also offers rentals, repairs, clothing and other gear for a one-stop experience that encompasses pretty much anything you could ever need under one roof.

8. LeRoy’s Boardshop, Big Bear Lake, CA

This elite boutique is somewhat unexpected in its rural mountain town but the deals and unique items make it a good place to go. LeRoy’s has been around since 1949 but has since grown and expanded to include shops in several mountain villages. Top names and ongoing service from the original family makes LeRoy’s a perpetual favorite for skiers and snowboarders.

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9. Clark’s Snow Sports, Rancho Cordova, CA

Stay warm on the slopes with warming packs, mittens, beanies, and more from Clark’s. Clark’s has everything you need to hit the slopes in style including the option to rent or buy equipment and other gear. Bags to stow your gear and friendly service are available in store and online.

10. Green Room, Fountain Valley, CA

Green Room has stuff for men, women, and children so it’s where to head when the family is spending time on the mountains. Get your gear tuned up or repaired or look for something new. You’ll find big brand boards as well as sunglasses and other accessories.