10 Craziest Mountain Biking Wipeouts and Close Calls

10 Craziest Mountain Biking Wipeouts and Close Calls

Mountain biking is not for the faint of heart. This sport is reserved for the boldest and bravest. With the introduction of iPhones, GoPros, and helmet cameras comes some pretty incredible footage from all over the world. Whether it’s navigating rocky terrain on the edge of a cliff or speeding down densely forested trails, mountain bikers have captured some mind-blowing close calls and wipeouts over the years. Here are some of the craziest.

Bear surprises bikers


It looks like this guy just wanted to join in on the fun?

Base jump off cliff goes wrong...


He’s certainly going to feel that one in the morning.

And down they go


Almost had it.

Red Bull Rampage is no joke


This one will make you cringe.

Heads up!


Only in Australia.

Warning: Never walk up the trail


It’s essential to follow the rules of the trails.

Nice moves, buddy


Luckily he braced the fall with his face!

A nightmare comes to life


This guy was really lucky.

Laugh it off



Everything aches after this one


No worries. He’s all good.

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