10 Pieces of Gear to Buy for Fall Fishing

Prep for your fishing trip this fall. 

10 Pieces of Gear to Buy for Fall Fishing
Photograph Courtesy of L.L. Bean

Anglers know that cooler weather can bring on big bites as fish try to boost their metabolisms for migration, spawning or for a long winter under the ice. An autumn nip doesn’t slow down the fish, so why should it slow you down? With the right fall fishing gear, you’re sure to keep yourself warm and dry while you’re landing those late-season lunkers. Here are 10 pieces of gear to buy for this season's fall fishing. 

Columbia PFG Flycaster Outdry Ex Wading Jacket

Photograph Courtesy of Columbia Sportswear

Whether you’re wading into a western waterway or weathering whipping wind on the deck of a boat, Columbia’s PFG Flycaster Wading Jacket will keep you warm and dry. The proprietary Outdry Ex technology is breathable, so that you won’t overheat while the material fights off moisture in even the stormiest of conditions. Plenty of pockets mean that you’ll have easy access to all the gear you need.

Photograph Courtesy of Columbia Sportswear

Glacier Glove Pro Angler Gloves

Photograph Courtesy of Glacier Glove

The Pro Anglers from Glacier Glove are made from fleece-lined neoprene. So, even though they may get wet, your hands will stay warm and dry while you’re casting, baiting or fighting a fish. The thumb and forefinger on each glove are retractable for situations that require a little more dexterity.

Orvis Waterproof Backpack

Photograph Courtesy of Orvis

Keeping your gear out of the water is a year-round concern, but it’s especially important in cooler months, when the weather is a little wetter and wet gear can chill your hands and soak into your clothes. That’s where the Orvis Waterproof Backpack comes in. Designed with the angler in mind, the backpack includes rod-tube pockets and a clip for a dip net. The sealed zipper will protect all your gear from a heavy rain or an unintentional dip in the river, lake or bay.

Patagonia Sunshade Technical Hoody

Photograph Courtesy of Patagonia

The Patagonia Sunshade Technical Hoody makes a perfect mid-layer on a cooler autumn day. The lightweight material is breathable and moisture-wicking, so you’ll stay dry. The hoody also features thumb holes on the cuffs in case things get sunny and you need to protect your hands. Long sleeves and a lightweight hood will ensure that you stay warm without being uncomfortable. They have the product available in both men's and women's styles

Wrangler Rugged Wear Denim Angler Pant

Photograph Courtesy of Wrangler

Wrangler’s Rugged Wear Denim Angler Pants are fishing pants you can wear if you don’t want to look like you’re wearing fishing pants. The rugged denim will protect you from rocks and brambles while getting to your favorite fishing hole and keep your legs warm while you’re there. A side tool pocket, secure back-pocket closures and even a loop for an engine kill switch make these the perfect pants for a day of fall fishing.

Simms Gore-Tex ExStream Hat

Whether you're on the banks of a river or out on your boat, it's imperative to keep your head warm on a chilly fall day. Simms' Gore-Tex ExStream hat is designed to face all kinds of cold conditions. This fully water-proof, quilted fleece-lined hat will keep your head cozy without sacrificing breathability. The hat also features a plush elastic sweatband and black under the brim to reduce glare. This is the ultimate fishing hat for those cold autumn days. 

Sperry Sea Kite Sport Moc Boat Shoes

When the air is too chilly for your flip flops or river sandals but not quite cold enough for full-on boots, slide into a pair of Sea Kite Sport Mocs from Sperry. The Sea Kites have a full upper, which keeps your feet warm, but the shoes are also vented to help keep your feet dry. The non-slip soles will help you stay out of the water when you’re traversing slippery rocks or a slick deck.

Yeti Rambler Half Gallon Jug

Photograph Courtesy of Yeti

There’s no better way to fight back a chill in the air than with something warm in your belly. No matter what you bring along to keep yourself warm on a fall fishing excursion—be it coffee, cocoa, soup, or hot toddies—the Yeti Rambler Half Gallon Jug will ensure that it stays hot and that you have plenty of it when it’s time to partake.

Patagonia Long-Sleeved Sol Patrol II Shirt

Photograph Courtesy of Patagonia

The Long-Sleeved Sol Patrol II Shirt is a fishing shirt that offers SPF protection for those sunny days on the water, but it also makes a great light-outer or mid-layer when you start to feel that autumn nip in the air. The vents allow for mobility on the bank or on a boat, and all the pockets are perfectly placed for your angling needs. Patagonia also has the shirt in women's styles.

L.L. Bean Kennebec Waders with Super Seam Technology

Photograph Courtesy of L.L. Bean

If you’re fly fishing or shore fishing in cooler weather, waders are an essential piece of gear. L.L. Bean’s Kennebec Waders with Super Seam Technology will ensure that you stay plenty dry. Their lightweight design won’t bog you down, and the roomy fit allows for all the layering you’ll need to keep warm on autumn days.