21 Influential Female Hunters to Follow on Instagram

Follow the adventures of some of the most skilled hunters in the sport. 

21 Influential Female Hunters to Follow on Instagram
Photograph Courtesy of Sportswoman Courtney

Between 2001 and 2013, the number of registered female hunters in the U.S. sky-rocketed from 1.8 million to 3.3 million, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Today, around 20% of women in the U.S. are hunters. Some of these women have taken to Instagram to share their adventures, their advice, and their encouragement of others to get involved in the sport. Here are a few influential women paving the way in the hunting community by sharing their stories on social media. 

Eva Shockey Brent (@evashockey)

Not only does Eva Shockey Brent utilize social media to showcase her bowhunting skills, she's also a conservationist and mentor of the sport. Eva emerged in the outdoor space as a co-host of her father Jim Shockey's TV show on the Outdoor Channel called "Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures." Since then, Eva's been using her platform to not only develop her brand but inspire others to get outdoors and appreciate all of the things Mother Nature has to offer. 

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Beka Garris (@bekagarris)

With her baby on her back and a bow in her hands, Beka Garris is one of the most influential figures in the outdoor space. Beka's hunting days began at the age of 10, where she learned from her father all about how to accurately and safely shoot as well as field dress and butcher the game she shot. Beka's Instagram account is devoted to hunting inspiration (everything from squirrels to buck), her family, and food. 

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Julie McQueen (@julesmcqueen)

Follow Julie McQueen for year-round hunting inspiration. Julie has an impressive resume: She's the president of CarbonTV, an online video destination for top-quality outdoor themed TV shows, the host of Outdoor Weekly, a conservationist, a writer, and a skilled hunter. Julie uses her platform to encourage conservation and participation in the sport of hunting. In one post with a little girl she met at Northwest Outdoor Expo she wrote, "We need to encourage these smart, kind, enthusiastic, amazing young ladies to grow up and take over our responsibilities in the hunting community! This is where it all begins." 

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Katie Van Slyke (@katievanslyke)

Follow Katie Van Slyke on Instagram for content that will make you want to step afield even if you never have before. From whitetail and turkey to wild hogs and bear, Katie hunts it all. Follow Katie's Instagram account for all things outdoor adventure, whether it's a special hunting trip with her father or reeling in a 40-inch pike in Saskatchewan. 

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Allie Butler (@alliembutler)

Geese, hogs, deer, turkey…you name it, Allie Butler hunts it. Born in Hardinsburg, Kentucky, Allie Butler is a self-described proud hunter and traveler. As a kid, Allie would go hunting with her father. With an old muzzleloader in hand, Allie killed her first deer at the age of nine, and her passion for the sport has only continued to grow. Today, she travels the world (as far as New Zealand!) to hunt game. 

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Sportswoman Courtney (@sportswomancourtney)

Getting other people involved in hunting is one of the most rewarding parts of the sport and Sportswoman Courtney is a noteworthy advocate of that. In a recent post, Courtney shared a story about how her friend Kaylene shot her first ever deer and even got her hands dirty by processing it herself. In her post, Courtney wrote, "This is what hunting is all about: camaraderie; learning; and filling the freezer!" 

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Courtney LeVesque (@heroutdoorjourney)

Courtney LeVesque's Instagram presence will inspire and educate. Courtney uses her platform to teach hunters about everything from venison recipes to honing bow accuracy. Don't forget to listen to and follow her podcast called "Her Inspired Journey" which is all about women living their best hunting lives. 

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Brittney Glaze Clifton (@brittneyglaze)

On National Hunting and Fishing Day, Brittney Glaze Clifton pledged to take someone new hunting and/or fishing this season. She wrote on her Instagram, "It’s been a blessing to me that someone showed me the love of hunting as a teen and my grandparents showed me the love of fishing as soon as I was old enough to walk. I’ve been in love with both ever since but to know that I’d never know this love without others guidance makes me want to show everyone I come in contact with. Is it for everyone?! No. But you’ll never know if you don’t try." 

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Katie DeLorenzo (@newmexicohuntress)

Hunting lands across Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah, Katie DeLorenzo is a must-follow on Instagram. This rising hunting influencer spreads the importance of spotlighting women in the outdoor space. Not only is Katie a hunter, she's an advocate. As a staff member of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, Katie helps form "the voice of our wild public lands, waters, and wildlife."  

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Anna Lea (@outdoorannalea)

Hunter, angler, chef, conservationist, and parent… Anna Lea is all of those things and more. Through photos, Anna Lea shares stories about her family, her hunting experiences, her favorite recipes, and all her other life adventures. 

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Rachel Ahtila (@rachelahtila)

Rachel Ahtila is an experienced hunting guide based in British Columbia. In addition to bringing people out on guided hunting trips, Rachel hosts Full Curl Podcast and is the director of the Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance. Rachel's service to the hunting community spreads inspiration beyond her clients. When she teaches her clients, those people then teach their friends and family, dispersing the knowledge and passion for the sport.     

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Sydney Broadaway (@sydneyleann40)

Sydney was raised in rural Alabama and was taken on many a hunting excursion with her grandfather as a child. It wasn't until she was older that she killed her first deer and became a passionate conservationist. Sydney's game of choice is waterfowl, but she's also a skilled hunter of deer, turkeys, geese, and more.  

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Taylor Drury Land (@taylordrury)

For all things hunting, outdoors, travel, and family, make sure to follow Taylor Drury Land on Instagram. Hunting has been part of Taylor's life since the start. Her favorite game to hunt is deer and turkey, with a particular interest in hunting whitetails with a bow. You can also catch Taylor on Drury Outdoors, a hunting television network developed by Mark, Taylor's father, and Terry Drury, Taylor's uncle. 

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Cody and Kelsy Robbins (@live2hunt_with_cody_and_kelsy)

Cody Robbins' career began in 2001 when he was a cameraman and editor for Jim Shockey. Today, Cody Robbins and his hunting partner and wife Kelsy Robbins have made a name for themselves in the hunting space. Cody and Kelsy host their own outdoor hunting TV show called Live 2 Hunt. The show highlights Cody and Kelsy's hunting of big game like moose, elk, whitetail, and sheep. These two are all about sharing their hunting stories and inspiring others to step afield. In the photo below, check out Cody Robbins with friend Kendall Jones on her first-ever whitetail hunt. Cody wrote, "Our new friend, thanks to the wonderful sport of HUNTING." 

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Kendall Jones (@_kendalljones)

Kendall Jones may have hunted her first ever whitetail recently, but she is no stranger to shooting a bow. At just 14 years-old, Kendall was hunting the "Big 5" in Africa including the likes of leopards and cape buffalo. She also has dangerous predators like crocodile on her resume. Follow her adventures on Instagram where she posts photos of her hunting trips.  

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Nicole Belke (@nicolebelke)

Nicole Belke grew up in the Midwest and is a skilled hunter of waterfowl, turkey, whitetail, and upland game. She's also experienced in hunting elk, mule deer, and other Western game. Belke's background in photography makes her Instagram uniquely artistic. Follow her account to keep up with her hunting trips and some truly inspiring photography as well. 

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Taren Weigandt (@futureofhunting_taren)

Not only is Taren Weigandt a seasoned hunter, she's also doing her part to grow and strengthen the hunting community. Taren is the owner and creator of the Future of Hunting, an organization with a goal and motto to "Empower the Next Generation." The Future of Hunting believes it's their "responsibility as sportsmen to pass on the hunting heritage to the next generation." The Future of Hunting helps introduces children to ethical hunting and conservation practices at a young age.   

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Kaylee Branzell (@kayleebranzell)

Kaylee Branzell was raised in northern Nevada and after graduating college she worked as a registered nurse. When Kaylee met her husband, her interest in hunting began. Today, through her blog and social media, Kaylee shares photos of her family, recipes, and exciting hunting adventures. You can find her hunting anything from waterfowl to mule deer. 

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Kristin Retterath (@gatheringhealth)

Followers will be inspired to do more than just hunt after scrolling through Kristin Retterath's Instagram account. Kristin is also focused on health, nutrition, and fitness through the sport. On her blog called Gathering Health, Kristin states: "Wild game and real, whole foods have changed my life, in a way I never imagined. Eliminating processed foods and staying committed to putting my health as a priority has made me a better wife, mom, friend and coach, and I can't wait to share what I've learned with you." Gathering Health promotes good nutrition through hunting and knowing exactly where your food is coming from. 

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Jessica DeLorenzo (@JessDelo7)

Between angling steelhead and shooting and cooking up pronghorn, Jessica DeLorenzo does it all when it comes to the great outdoors. Jessica's love of archery and hunting began in her mid-20s and she has since become a seasoned bowhunter. Jessica has even started taking her eight-year-old daughter afield with her to introduce her to the sport and help grow the hunting community for future generations.  

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Sallie Doty (@sallie_doty)

Sallie Doty does it all—she's a triathlete, marathoner, masterful bowhunter, and so much more. Sallie volunteers her time as a bowhunters' education instructor for the South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks department and is also a member of the High Plains Wildlife Association, which focuses on wildlife conservation in South Dakota. The hunting community is lucky to have someone as passionate and ethically-minded as Sallie Doty. 

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