5 Amazing Dirt Motorcycle Trails in California

5 Amazing Dirt Motorcycle Trails in California


The expansive state of California has tons of terrain, trails, and areas for dirt biking. California offers both public and private motorcycle trails for dirt biking, making it one of the most popular places in the world for the sport. Make sure you have all the necessary permits and requirements for any dirt biking you do in government managed areas. Here are five awesome spots. 

1. Mojave Desert

The Mojave Desert has many places to ride and it is a convenient day trip from many parts of Southern California. The Jawbone Canyon store can point out where to find great trails as well as help you with supplies like diesel and food for your ride. The Mojave is peaceful and inspirational so you can get some great photos and see some great things as you explore. Make sure to stay within the designated areas as you don’t want to cause harm to the fragile ecosystem there. 

2. Stonyford Recreation Area at Mendocino National Forest

Stonyford has tons of trails to explore and be sure not to veer off the path or you’ll face serious fines. There are watering holes, steep trails, and plenty of beautiful sites to discover. Trails are marked and rated and even experienced riders will enjoy the challenge of some of the steeper and higher trails.  

3. Competitive Edge MX Park, Hesperia, CA

Catch a race or sign up to hit the track at Competitive Edge. You can also take a class or campout for a quick getaway. There are four tracks open to the public and you’ll find maps and information are easy to access. Tracks are nicely maintained and updated. It’s fun for all ages although waivers are required for minors. 

4. Perris Raceway, Perris, CA

The Perris Raceway offers a well-maintained flat track that is watered via hoses and kept nicely for the fans that visit the raceway throughout the year. There are jumps and the terrain is smooth and the spot has favorable reviews from riders. You can also catch or join a race or two.

5. Carnegie SVRA

The Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area is situated in the hills of Alameda. The surrounding nature is breathtaking, and the area boasts 1,300 acres of space to ride. The terrain varies, according to its website, with areas of dry rocky washes, rolling hills, and steep, rugged canyons.