5 Amazing Dirt Motorcycle Trails in Kansas

5 Amazing Dirt Motorcycle Trails in Kansas


There’s something about throwing your leg over a dirt bike for a day of adventure that just really gets the adrenaline pumping. Nothing compares to the freeing feeling of racing through wooded spaces, past reservoirs, and through adventure parks. Get ready to explore the scenic beauty of Kansas on the back of your bike. Here are five amazing dirt motorcycle spots in the state.  

1. Dragon Motocross Park, Lyndon, KS

The Dragon Motocross Park in Lyndon is privately-owned and operated and open to the public a couple days a week. If you’re inexperienced, check out Dragon’s “Robbie Skaggs Motocross School.” Skaggs’ training classes are immensely helpful for the beginner as he applies his many years of professional knowledge. Races are scheduled throughout the season. Call before you go to find out all the details! 

2. Turkey Trail

Turkey Trail is a 10.5-mile trail that follows the Cimarron River beginning at the Cottonwood Picnic Area. The trail is slightly downhill on mostly hard-packed paths. The trail can be rough and dense in spots. Enjoy the abundant wildlife and scenic vistas surrounding the area. 

3. Perry Lake ATV and Motorcycle Trail

The Perry Lake Motorcycle Trail is open from dawn to dusk and provides a range of narrow wooded trails, which include steep, rugged hills, and at times, deep puddles. There are separate beginner tracks available because most of the 10-mile track is geared toward experienced riders. 

4. Spillway Cycle Area

The Spillway Cycle Area at Turtle Creek Dam is 35 acres with a wooded landscape adjacent to the spillway area. The cycle trails are open to novice level riders and will provide hill climb challenges for more advanced motorcyclists. 

5. Bogie’s Adventure Park, Latham, KS

At Bogie’s Adventure Park in Latham, the goal is to provide motorcycle and quad riding for families (and all levels of riders). The owners are accommodating and provide plenty of insight to the trails and the area. This is a great motocross park to enjoy the day.