5 Awesome Campgrounds for Families in Arizona

5 Awesome Campgrounds for Families in Arizona

Arizona isn’t just warm weather and air conditioning. The Grand Canyon State is filled with beautiful Southwestern terrain including sprawling deserts and majestic forests. Locals and tourists alike can enjoy the Arizona scenery by staying at some of the top campgrounds. The following campgrounds showcase Arizona’s diverse natural beauty and can be enjoyed year-round. And don’t forget the kids! Each of these sites are incredibly family-friendly. 

1. Cave Springs Campground, Sedona, AZ

Cave Springs is one of the more popular campgrounds in the state and it’s easy to see why. This camping spot has all the desirable traits of a northern Arizona campground. Cave Springs is located just miles away from tourist destinations, namely Sedona and Slide Rock State Park. It’s also nestled among pine trees and right near Oak Creek Canyon. There are opportunities for fishing, hiking, and sightseeing at this destination spot. Oak Creek Canyon also has cool, mild weather and fresh forest air that make it a good escape spot for Valley residents. Families can also enjoy a dip in the fresh cool creek or even take a small trip to go down Slide Rock’s famous chute.

2. Lost Dutchman State Park, Apache Junction, AZ

Lost Dutchman State Park derives its name from a myth about a lost gold mine from the Wild West. You may not find gold on your camping trip, but Lost Dutchman is a hidden treasure. The state park is located near the Superstition Mountains about half an hour east of Phoenix. The park is home to a variety of hiking trails with picturesque desert and sunset views. It’s also home to desert dwelling flora and fauna, including giant saguaro, desert spiny lizards, and javelina. The campgrounds are also family friendly. Each campsite has access to water, bathrooms, picnic tables, grills, and fire pits. Lost Dutchman is located far enough to be removed from the city but close enough to be convenient.

3. Lockett Meadow Campground, Flagstaff, AZ

Lockett Meadow has it all: fresh mountain air, stunning views, and casual hiking trails. This campground is located near the San Francisco Peaks, a dormant volcano that gives off great daytime views. This campground is just minutes away from the Arizona Snow Bowl ski lift, which remains open in the summer for the use of tourists. You and your family can ride to the top, enjoy a patio lunch, and take in the views of the aspen trees. Lockett Meadow is also home to a variety of wilderness trails that vary in difficulty. It’s not uncommon to spot wildlife at this mountain campsite so be on alert. Lockett Meadow is on a first come, first serve basis and does not have drinking water available so plan ahead of your camping trip.

4. The View Campground, Oljato-Monument Valley, AZ

Monument Valley is right on the border between Utah and Arizona. Fortunately, it falls on the right side of the dividing line. This red-sand desert is known for large sandstone buttes. It’s famous for several geological structures, most notably the West Mitten Butte. Just to the west of this structure lies the View Campground. Visitors can feel like a real cowboy by tent camping under the stars. During the day, you can take a 17-mile self-guided tour, or pay for an escorted Jeep tour. A camping trip to the View is sure to bring stunning scenery and a trip you won’t soon forget.

5. Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area, Show Low, AZ

Fool Hollow is a deceptive campground. It’s located just minutes away from downtown Show Low. But when you camp at Fool Hollow, you feel like you’re off the grid. Fool Hollow is nestled near the White Mountains and right on a 150-acre lake. The serene lake and forest views make it easy to unwind at this campground. Elevated at over 6,000 feet, Fool Hollow offers cool weather and a reprieve for Valley residents. The campground is an ideal spot to have a picnic, go fishing, or go hiking on a nearby trail. Campgrounds come with water, concrete pads, fire pits, picnic tables, restrooms and showers. You’ll feel off the grid while enjoying the amenities and proximity of city life.