5 Awesome Campgrounds for Families in Idaho

5 Awesome Campgrounds for Families in Idaho

Idaho is full of immaculate wilderness, with plenty of opportunity for outdoor fun. If you’re looking to camp in a space that accommodates every member of the family, from the kids to the parents, you’ll surely find that in Idaho. Beautiful state parks offer spacious campgrounds with long lists of amenities, giving guests the perfect balance of seclusion and modern conveniences. From cabin rentals to tent-only sites, here are five great family-friendly campgrounds to enjoy in Idaho. 

1. Winchester Lake State Park, Winchester, ID

Winchester Lake State Park is one of those parks where young families go to teach their young ones how to fish and camp for the first time. It’s an easy place for beginners to get their feet wet. Other activities include picnicking, hiking, cycling, mountain biking, and boating.


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2. Heyburn State Park, Plummer, ID

Heyburn State Park is located near Plummer, Idaho. It is one of the many places to take a young family to camp in cabins and cottages. This campground boasts everything from the usual fishing and hiking, to the more adventurous mountain biking and water sports. Here you can take your family boating for the day, and barbecuing for the night. One of the nice things about this campground is it is near local attractions in Plummer. 

3. Farragut State Park, Athol, ID

Located in Athol, Idaho, Farragut State Park is a gold mine of adventure and camping. The activities available here are many, some of which include hiking, biking, and a place to ride your horse! You can actually fly model aircrafts in the area, as well. Many young families love to come here for summer breaks.

4. Castle Rocks State Park, Almo, ID

Castle Rocks State Park is located in Almo, Idaho. Here you will find horseback riding and world-class rock climbing. Explore the surrounding nature through birding, wildflower and geology walks. Castle Rock also offers some “unique overnight” options such as the Bunkhouse. This space is perfect for family reunions and scout groups, according to its website. The space can accommodate 8-12 people and boasts a rustic vibe.

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5. Bruneau Dunes State Park, Mountain Home, ID

Located near the Air Force Base in Mountain Home, Idaho, is Bruneau Dunes. This is a unique place to visit. There are a couple hiking trails, but what you really have to see is the astounding stargazing opportunities. The kids will love it. There are accommodations for boating, horseback riding, and even sand boarding, too, so no one in the family will get bored on this trip!