5 Awesome RV Campsites in Utah

5 Awesome RV Campsites in Utah


For some people who want to escape their busy lives, totally roughing it in a tent isn’t an option—especially when you still need access to modern conveniences. Enter the recreational vehicle! The perfect combination of rustic and comfortable. You don’t have to leave electricity and running water behind in order to have a complete camping experience. Check out these five awesome RV campsites in Utah for a camping experience you’ll never forget.  

1. Zion Canyon Campground and RV Park, Springdale, UT

There’s no way anyone could possibly explore Zion National Park in a single day. That’s where Zion Canyon Campground comes in: a place to peacefully relax in and out of your RV after an exhilarating day in the desert heat. To make things even better, at Zion Canyon Campground, there are toilets, showers, a swimming pool, a hot tub, coin laundry, picnic tables, fire pits, and a playground. It is also close to various local eateries so that your dinner options aren’t as restricted. If there isn’t enough room in your RV for everyone to sleep, the campground also has tent spots. Zion Canyon Campground is the closest campground to the entrance of Zion National Park, and there are also free shuttles available at the campground entrance to the park. 

2. Jolley’s Ranch Campground, Springville, UT

Hobble Creek Canyon takes you out of the city without taking you too far away from the city, and Jolley’s Ranch Campground is easily one of Hobble Creek’s best for both RV and traditional camping. The grounds are well-kept, the amenities are convenient, and the campground even includes an 18-hole disc golf course. The campground is a nice place for family reunions or even smaller family camping excursions, and if you’re interested in some real golf, Hobble Creek golf course is a five-minute drive from the campsite. 

3. Canyonlands RV Resort and Campground, Moab, UT

If you want to explore both Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park without staying in a hotel and still preserving a semblance of the traditional camping experience, Canyonlands RV Resort and Campground is a solid option. The campground includes a playground, a swimming pool, and even complimentary Wi-Fi. The campsites are situated in shady areas, meaning your RV won’t get too hot while you’re out during the day. The campground’s staff is also remarkably helpful—they prioritize the cleanliness of the site, and it’s rare to see litter lying about. The bathrooms and showers are also very clean. 

4. Moab Valley RV Resort & Campground, Moab, UT

A sister campsite to Canyonlands RV Resort and Campground, the Moab Valley RV Resort & Campground only really differs in location. But seeing as both campgrounds are very popular, it’s nice to know the area has more than one RV option. Amenities include barbecue areas, a bicycle wash and repair station, convenience store, heated pool, hot tub, playground, and so much more. At just three miles from Arches National Park, this campground is more than worth checking out.  

5. Ruby’s Inn RV Park & Campground, Bryce Canyon, UT

Bryce Canyon is one of the most beautiful sights a human could possibly behold. If you’re looking to come to Utah (and particularly southern Utah), Bryce Canyon is a necessary stop on your itinerary. Located just a half mile from the entrance to Bryce Canyon National Park, Ruby’s Inn RV Park & Campground has been a Utah staple for decades. Able to accommodate large groups of people in RVs, tents, or camp trailers, the campsite is inexpensive and full of impressive amenities.