5 Awesome Trail Running Spots in Nebraska

By Katie Griffing

5 Awesome Trail Running Spots in Nebraska

If you’re not a runner in Nebraska, it’s time to change that! Nebraska is home to a number of incredible nature trails for a quick or more lengthy run and they all offer unique, beautiful perspectives of the state. If you’re ready to get out into nature, here are five awesome trail running spots in Nebraska.

1. Jamaica North Trail

Located in Wilderness Park, the 6.5-mile Jamaica North Trail winds through the park all the way to Beatrice, Nebraska. As one of the area’s most popular trails, work is underway to expand access to the trail, making it much easier to get to and from other Lincoln area trails. This expansion is a major winner for runners of central Nebraska!

2. Chalco Hills Trails

The Chalco Hills Trails make up a series of mulched trails that run through a beautiful forested area perfect for a weekend run. Hop on the trail at any point and along the way you’ll find scenic views of prairie grasses and stunning foliage in the fall. 

3. Dannebrog Trail

While a large portion of the Dannebrog Trail is paved, there is also a very nice wood chipped trail that winds through the historic Hannibal Woods and around the abandoned Union Pacific rail line. 

4. Chief Standing Bear Trail

This 20-mile trail spans from the southeast town of Beatrice to the Nebraska/Kansas state line. Named after a Ponca chief, the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska owns and maintains this trail for visitors to enjoy. If you’re looking for a killer workout combined with stunning scenery, then Chief Standing Bear Trail is the place to go.

5. Niobrara State Park

The Niobrara State Park encompasses 14 miles of trails that wind through the dunes and along the Niobrara River. The beautiful park is perfect for a run through the forest and to enjoy the many birds and wildlife native to the area. The trails vary in length, difficulty, and surface—ranging from grasslands to chipped limestone to suit all types of runners.

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