5 Awesome Trail Running Spots in Ohio

5 Awesome Trail Running Spots in Ohio

Trail running can be an immensely rewarding pastime, especially if you know the right places to go. Not only is it a great way to stay in shape, but it's a great way to get out and explore the great outdoors! Here are five awesome trail running spots in Ohio. 

1. West Creek Reservation

West Creek Reservation is a great place to go trail running, because they are dedicated to keeping the environment around them preserved, clean, and pristine. You'll appreciate the healthy and vibrant plant life on miles of running trails.

2. Three Creeks

Three Creeks is named for the point where Alum Creek, Big Walnut Creek, and Blacklick Creek join as one. You'll be able to spot owls, blue herons, and more than one hundred different species of birds on your run. You might even spot a beaver, mink, coyote, or deer!

3. Little Beaver Creek Greenway

Little Beaver Creek Greenway is a great place for trail running for beginners and experts alike. The trail can accommodate mountain bikers, wheelchairs, cross-country skiers, or people just looking for a nice walk, too! 

4. Pike Lake State Park

This 587-acre park makes for a wonderfully scenic trail run. The area also features a pristine 13-acre lake and a rustically beautiful forest. There are five trails to choose from to go for a run, including the .4-mile Lake Trail, the 1.2-mile Mitchell Ridge Trail, the 1.2-mile Wildcat Hollow Trail, the half-mile Greenbrier Trail, and the half-mile CCC Trail.  

5. Conotton Creek Trail

This 11-mile trail near Harrison County is among the best locations for running. The trail is located in the beautiful Appalachian foothills. The route is mostly easy, but can be relatively bumpy in certain areas. Keep in mind that this area is shared with cyclists and walkers, as well.