5 Beautiful Backpack Camping Spots in Colorado

5 Beautiful Backpack Camping Spots in Colorado

Colorado is sprinkled with incredible camping spots that are only accessible for backpackers. Now, backpack camping spots do not always have names. Therefore these secluded spots are all found along popular backpacking trails. You’re sure find solitude and incredible views of the Rocky Mountains at these five beautiful backpack camping spots in Colorado.

1. Four Pass Loop

This high-country backpacking loop boasts some of the best views surrounding the town of Aspen. Located in the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness, backpackers will traverse over four 12,000-foot passes over the span of three to four days. Now there aren’t actual campgrounds along this route. However there are plenty of established camping spots perfect for backpackers. Enjoy wildflowers during the spring, perfect weather during the summer, and changing fall foliage during early autumn while backpacking Four Pass Loop. No matter where you choose to pitch your tent for the night, it’s sure to be a beautiful spot along this scenic route. 

2. Lost Creek Loop

The Lost Creek Loop, located in Lost Creek Wilderness, begins at the Goose Creek trailhead. This 34-mile loop boasts incredible views of the Collegiate Peaks and Mosquito Range mountains. This loop should take backpackers anywhere from two to four days to complete. This secluded loop grants hikers with some solitude. And when it comes to the camping spots, expect to find a number of established spots all along the loop. The part of the loop stretching from McCurdy Park and Bison Pass is sure to grant you with plenty of picture-worthy moments. 

3. The Colorado Trail

The Colorado Trail is one of the most popular long distance trails in the state. Running from Denver to Durango, you can choose to hike the trail in its entirety, which would take four to six weeks, or choose to do smaller sections. No matter what portion of the trail you choose to do, there are a number of incredible backpack camping spots to enjoy over this 500-mile path. Backpackers can gain access to the trail from the 28 trailheads found along the entire route.

4. Continental Divide Loop

Hike along the Continental Divide by backpacking the Continental Divide Loop in Rocky Mountain National Park. This 54-mile trail typically takes backpackers six days to complete. Traverse some tough mountainous terrain while catching great views of the Rockies and high alpine lakes. This loop is a wonderful way to experience one of Colorado’s best national parks. Since you’re in a national park, refrain from pitching your tent just anywhere, since this a fragile environment. Instead, pitch your tent in the designated campsites, many of which have a privy and water source. 

5. Weminuche Pass

Every backpacker loves panoramic mountain views, and that is exactly what you will get by hiking Weminuche Pass. Located in southern Colorado, this high-altitude trail takes hikers through aspen fields, alpine lakes, and the Continental Divide. Begin the hike on the Weminuche Trail and then you can choose to connect to other trails in the area. One of the most beautiful camping spots for backpackers in the area are the sites near Granite Lake. Expect some uphill challenges but you will always be presented with great views while exploring this part of the San Juan Mountains.