5 Beautiful Scenic Hikes in Nevada

5 Beautiful Scenic Hikes in Nevada


Nevada is known for some pretty amazing desert landscape. This also means there are plenty of places to escape into the desert via hiking trails to enjoy the plants and wildlife. Within the state, there are also a series of valleys with hidden pockets of bright green flora and even a few wetlands. The next time you have a free weekend, explore one of our favorite scenic hikes in Nevada! 

1. Calico Tanks, Las Vegas, NV

Part of Red Rock Canyon, this trail offers families a stunning view of the rocks on a well-maintained course that is open to all ages. The 2.5-mile hike will re-open with major improvements in September 2017. This includes work to create safer trails to accommodate a variety of skill levels. While this is a hike in the open sun, it is short enough to allow even smaller family members a successful hike. The half-way point of the hike offers a stunning view of Las Vegas. Along the way there is also an unexpected hidden waterway with caverns that make for some really great pictures.

2. Tahoe Rim Trail

The full trail is a whopping 165-mile journey, so this is the type of place where you can make several trips and not see the same part of the trail twice. The area is well-mapped so hikers can chose their starting points based on whether they want to hike along the valley floor, explore one of the amazing vistas, or walk along a high alpine lake. Some of the trail is more challenging as there are significant changes in altitude, but the views are amazing. Part of the trail is also open for winter hikes as access is cleared. The trail is well maintained with added features like small bridges to cross waterways making the hike easier.

3. River Mountains Loop Trail

This loop is paved and very family friendly. It is open for both hikers and bikers so many families enjoy letting younger family members peddle along as they hike. The trail is also a bit different since it explores some of the old railroad tunnels. Little ones often enjoy that part of the trek. Because is it is the desert and along some lower level mountains, you have a pretty good chance of encountering some pretty unique wildlife like mountain goats. The riverside scenery is also something a bit unexpected against the sandstone of the desert.

4. White Domes Trail

Located in the Valley of Fire, this short trek offers some of the best views of sandstone you will find along an easier hike. The full loop is one mile so its perfect for all ages. Along the way you will see a slot canyon, caves, structures made out of sandstone and even an old movie set. Because it is the middle of the desert, heat during the summer can be a concern for some. With careful planning to keep everyone hydrated, the short trail hike is worth the sweeping views of the rock formations alone.

5. Clark County Wetlands

Part of the city parks, this series of trails gives families a bit of an unexpected view of the Nevada wetlands. There are trails for all skill levels including a wooden boardwalk that is wheelchair accessible. Visitors enjoy watching the variety of waterfowl and animals coming to escape the heat via the shoreline. The greenery along the water is also a nice contrast to the desert views in the background. This area tends to also run a bit cooler than the desert around it so this is a good choice for summer hiking with families as well.