5 Best Dirt Motorcycle Trails in Kentucky

5 Best Dirt Motorcycle Trails in Kentucky

In Kentucky, dirt biking is a way of life. From the wide-open grasslands to its rolling hills, Kentucky makes for a glorious place to explore on a dirt bike. From designated off-road parks to motocross tracks, the riding community is strong. Here are the five best dirt motorcycle trails to explore in Kentucky. 

1. Dirty Turtle Offroad Park, Bedford, KY

Dirty Turtle Offroad Park in Bedford, Kentucky, has some of the most serious trails for motocross in the Bluegrass State. A gathering place for friends and family in the off-roading community, Dirty Turtle Offroad Park boasts trails for “anything offroad.” According to the website, there is something to accommodate all levels of skill, whether you’re new to the game or “have been wheelin for years.” 

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2. Wildcat Adventures Offroad Park, Bernstadt, KY

Wildcat Adventures is a top-notch place to bring dirt bikes in Kentucky. Not only are the trails excellent, but the tracks showcase the stunning natural beauty Kentucky has to offer. On site, riders will also find a general store and opportunity for canoeing and kayaking! You can really make a whole trip of Wildcat Adventures.  

3. SoggyBottom MotorCross, Greenup, KY

Word of mouth holds a lot of significance when it comes to knowing which dirt bike tracks are the best, and SoggyBottom is a favorite. One of the greatest aspects about SoggyBottom is that it offers classes and training for all skill levels. With a series of professional trainers, everyone from children to more seasoned riders can sign up for a class to hone their skills. 

4. Nickota Motorsports Park, Bedford, KY

Nickota Motorsports in Bedford, Kentucky, is right next to Dirty Turtle. You can bounce back and forth between the two on any given day. Nickota Motorsports is a well-maintained, family-oriented course. During open practice days, which take place on weekends between noon and 6 p.m., the track is pretty empty for all dirt bikers. If the track has a race they will post it on their Facebook page, so be sure to state updated! 

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5. Willie Rays MX Track, London, KY

The track at Willie Rays offers lots of great jumps if you like getting some serious air when you ride. With an expert staff and well-maintained trails, you’ll have a professional and memorable experience at Willie Rays. Dirt biking enthusiasts will be impressed by this track.