5 Best Dirt Motorcycle Trails in Maryland

5 Best Dirt Motorcycle Trails in Maryland

Get ready to kick up some dirt on these awesome motorcycle trails. Maryland is an excellent place to spend time outdoors and getting on your dirt bike is a great way to do it. Whether you are looking for a professional track to race on or want to go somewhere forested and wild, Maryland has the trails you are looking for. Here are the best in the state.  

1. Wicomico Motorsports Park, Charlotte Hall, MD

With 300 acres, this family-owned motorsports park has track and trail riding for dirt bikes and quads. They also have a beginner trail for children to ride on. This means that parents can share their love of dirt bikes with their kids in a safe environment. With an advanced track as well, riders can also come here for a challenge. They have specials on a regular basis so you can save money that way too. 

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2. Budds Creek Motocross Park, Mechanicsville, MD

Budds Creek is a popular motocross spot for those who like to watch the sport and those who want some incredible track to ride. They have even hosted international events where motocross stars from across the world have come to compete. This is where it’s at in Maryland for serious riders. If you want to check it out, come and watch an event before deciding to ride yourself. This family business started in 1979 and has grown to national and international recognition as a go-to spot for motocross enthusiasts. 

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3. The Landing Motocross Park, Easton, MD

Visit their website to see a video of people riding at full speed on their fast-paced track. Come here to kick up some dirt with your friends, race, or spend the weekend outdoors. This is a popular destination on the Eastern Shore and you can view track conditions daily by checking out their Facebook page. With so many pictures, you can see the height possibilities from the jumps you can take. They’ll make you want to get out there and get out there fast!

4. Snaggy Mountain ORV Trail, Oakland, MD

Located in the Garrett State Forest, the Snaggy Mountain ORV Trail is an awesome spot to dirt bike on rugged terrain while racing through the forest. The views are killer when you’re not too busy kicking up dirt to look up. The trail is open to dirt bikes after March 15 (before that, this is a snowmobile trail). The forest is 7,000 acres total so it’s incredibly private and easy to really unwind here. This is where you go to get away from it all. 

5. Wallman Road ORV Trail, Oakland, MD

Also located in Garrett State Forest, the Wallman Road ORV Trail is known for dirt bikes and motocross so you are likely to find a lot of skilled riders racing along these trails. The trail is near the Potomac River and you will see plenty of wildlife while racing around. Wild turkey, deer, and even bear are near here so keep an eye out as you ride!