5 Best Dirt Motorcycle Trails in Michigan

5 Best Dirt Motorcycle Trails in Michigan

Michigan’s dirt biking scene is world-class. From the state’s pristine trails to its muddy wide-open spaces, the acreage for dirt biking is sure to impress any off-road junkie. Here are the best dirt biking trails in Michigan.

1. Battle Creek Motorcycle Club, Battle Creek, MI

The Battle Creek Motorcycle Club in Battle Creek represents one of the oldest bike clubs in the state, and nothing gets to be that old without offering significant value to its users. The Battle Creek Motorcycle Club boasts 40 acres of sandy ground and trees, and offers a complete motocross track and a smaller mini track for the younger riders. Throw in a concession stand available for race days and indoor restroom facilities and this will offer one of the better dirt bike tours you'll find in the state.

2. Baja Acres, Millington, MI

Baja Acres near Millington offers a rather massive patch of ground in which to ride. Measuring 80 acres, this park offers a lot of opportunity to all levels of dirt biker. Dirt bikers will have access to a variety of trails to tour, and ATV riders are actually encouraged to join in, too. Better yet, those who want to stick around after a day of riding fun can do so with camping permitted on the grounds and some further amenities like a swimming pond and playground included. There is a small fee for use, but camping comes without fees.

3. Twisted Trails Off Road Park, Copemish, MI

Northern Michigan—though not quite in the Upper Peninsula—will offer some impressive dirt bike tour opportunities, and one of the leaders in the field is the Twisted Trails Off Road Park. Home to over 200 acres, and a wide array of trails at various levels of difficulty from the Mall Crawler to the Holy Moly, you’ll be coming back again and again.

4. Bundy Hill Offroad Park, Jerome, MI

The largest privately-owned off-road park in Southern Michigan, Bundy Hill measures in at an impressive 300 total acres. With four different ratings of track, Bundy Hill can accommodate everything from simple tours to the most thrilling of off-roading adventures. Throw in camping available for visitors and even a few special events—not to mention some discounts for the serious rider—and you'll have opportunities aplenty to tour a large portion of Michigan at your leisure.

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5. Ambrose Lake State Forest Campground, West Branch, MI

Not far from Rose City, Ambrose Lake State Forest Campground will offer dirt bike trail access through some of Michigan's best forested campground. Featuring a number of campgrounds and access to Ambrose Lake—like the name suggests—this tour comes with a few limitations built in. Requiring spark arrestors, helmets, and a maximum noise limit of 94 decibels, Ambrose Lake will still offer an impressive tour through some of Michigan's most exciting trails.