5 Best Dirt Motorcycle Trails in Nebraska

5 Best Dirt Motorcycle Trails in Nebraska

Thrill seekers will find well-maintained and challenging motocross trails and off-road parks all across Nebraska. With terrain suitable for even the most novice rider, there’s something for everyone in the dirt biking community. Here are the five best dirt biking trails in the state.  

1. Fiddler Creek MX Park, Homer, NE

Fiddler Creek is a seriously fun track which features a main and beginners track. This means fun for everyone. Great members make Fiddler Creek one of the top motorcycle trails in the area. 

2. Dismal River OHV Trail, Halsey, NE

The Dismal River is over 11 miles of windy and fast sandy trails for all day riding. The wide-open areas makes for long and beautiful rides like no other place. 

3. Abbott Motorcross Park, Lincoln, NE

The Abbott Sports Complex in Lincoln features three awesome motocross tracks. A main track, vet track, and mini track, as well as trail riding. The main track is a massive over 30-foot wide national style track which provides serious fun for riders. 

4. Off Road Ranch, Norfolk, NE

If you are ready for the best place to “get your off road fix,” then head to Off Road Ranch in Norfolk. They have a drag strip, motocross/four-wheeler course, and monthly events such as freestyle jumps. This is one of the top places around to ride with friends. 

5. Harlan County Lake, Alma, NE

The Harlan County Lake in Alma offers over nine miles of trails that wind through hills, sand, and grass. The trail is open year-round and well equipped which ensures everyone has a blast riding.