5 Best Fishing Spots in Connecticut

5 Best Fishing Spots in Connecticut

Those interested in fishing for sport, food, or leisure can find an abundance of fishing areas across Connecticut’s many bodies of water. Plenty of fishing spots in Connecticut are stocked with fish by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, providing ample opportunities for enjoying this relaxing pastime while bringing home dinner. 

1. Candlewood Lake, Fairfield/Litchfield County, CT

Stocked with trout by the Connecticut DEEP, the beautiful Candlewood Lake is a nice option for catching sizeable trout of at least 12 inches long. Stocking rates are high, making Candlewood Lake a good option for first time fishers or kids learning to fish, since they will feel proud of their first catch!

2. Squantz Pond State Park, New Fairfield, CT

Squantz Pond is a beautiful spot for swimming, kayaking, scuba diving, and fishing. The pond is well stocked with trout by the DEEP, making it a great option to catch your dinner. The convenient boat launch allows fishers to set out away from swimming areas to catch fish living in deeper waters. 

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3. Lake Wononscopomuc, Salisbury, CT

Lake Wononscopomuc is beautiful year-round, with fishing, swimming, canoeing, and activities for all seasons. Located in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains, Wononscopomuc provides a picturesque background to any fishing activities, whether by boat or from land. Lake Wonoscopomuc is maintained by a counsel that ensures water quality and removal of invasive plant species. The DEEP stocks this lake with trout, making it great for fishing in season.

4. Bantam Lake, Litchfield, CT

Bantam Lake is the largest naturally occurring lake in Connecticut and features many family-friendly activities in its waters and on its shores. Bantam Lake is home to large and small mouth bass, calico bass, white and yellow perch, and other species, allowing for a wide variety of catches. In addition, the DEEP monitors and stocks pikes allowing for more abundant fishing. Fishing can be enjoyed on shore, by wading, or from a boat.

5. Mashapaug Lake, Union, CT

Located in Bigelow Hollow State Park, Mashapaug Lake covers a massive 287 acres. Boating, scuba diving, hiking, hunting, and fishing are all allowed here. Paved boat launches are available for those interested in fishing from a boat. The bass fishing is great at Mashapaug Lake. If you tire of fishing at Mashapaug Lake, the nearby Bigelow Pond also allows fishing, but is much smaller. 

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