5 Best Fishing Spots in Indiana

By Gabby Davis

5 Best Fishing Spots in Indiana

If you’re looking for the ultimate angling adventure, Indiana is an incredible choice. From man-made rivers and streams to glacial lakes and reservoirs, Indiana boasts some of the best fishing in the Midwest. Rain or shine, snowy or steaming summers, come check out the five best fishing spots in Indiana. 

1. Patoka Lake, Birdseye, IN

Situated on over 25,000 acres, Patoka Lake makes up nearly 9,000 acres in Birdseye, Indiana. The lake, which is located just south of historic French Lick and West Baden, is a fisherman’s dream. A freshwater reservoir, it was named “best in the Midwest” by USA Today. You’ll find a variety of fish from largemouth and small mouth bass to catfish and more. The lake is also home to a variety of wildlife as well, including two non-releasable bald eagles. You’ll also find a red-tailed hawk, screech owls, and even river otter and osprey. 

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2. Morse Reservoir, Hamilton County, IN

Located between the small town of Cicero and the larger city of Noblesville, Morse Reservoir is another one of Indiana’s go-to places for fishing. With over 1,500 acres of water, 35 miles of shoreline, and seven miles of water navigable from Little Chicago Road in Noblesville to State Road 19 in Cicero, this is every fisherman’s paradise. The reservoir was originally constructed in 1956 to serve as Indianapolis’s third reservoir for drinking water, but it is also used primarily for fishing. The most popular spots along Morse Reservoir are along the shore and by the dam. 

3. White River

Another prime fishing spot in Indiana is the White River, which flows throughout Southern Indiana (Muncie, Chesterfield, Perkinsville, Noblesville, and Broad Ripple, etc.) All throughout southern Indiana, this magnificent river flows for nearly 330 miles. A beautiful place to sit and back relax, the White River offers breathtaking views and calm, clear waters. There is also camping available for those who wish to stay. Enjoy fishing for smallmouth bass, bluegills, catfish, yellow perch and more! You can also fish for minnow as well.  

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4. St. Joseph River

The St. Joseph River is considered a “visiting” river to Indiana. It rises in Michigan, flows down into Indiana before flowing back up to Michigan. Forty-two miles of the St. Joseph River flows through the northern half of Indiana (South Bend, Fort Wayne, Elkhart, and Bristol). Here you will find a beautiful place to spend time with family during the warm weather and catching a variety of fish. Because it is a fresh water river, you can find bowfins, trout, minnows, quite the selection of catfish, as well as sunfish and bass.

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5. Sundance Lake, Spurgeons Corner, IN

Situated in Hoosier National Forest, Sundance Lake was “built for fishing.” The lake covers 5.3 acres close to the town of Spurgeons Corner. The fishing area was originally constructed in 1992 to expand fishing opportunity in that particular area of Hoosier National Forest. Anglers will find bluegill, redear sunfish, bass, and channel catfish in Sundance Lake. 

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