5 Best Fishing Spots in Michigan

5 Best Fishing Spots in Michigan

Ask a fisherman or woman in Michigan where the best place to catch fish is, and they’ll tell you...absolutely nothing. That’s how coveted these spots are. That’s where we come in. Some spots in Michigan have reached a certain vital primacy, and become some of the best Michigan can offer. Whether you’re looking to snag walleye in the bay or bass on the lake, you’ll find it at the best fishing spots in Michigan. 

1. Wamplers Lake

Wamplers Lake near Brooklyn has recently landed itself some notoriety as a spot to land both bass and panfish in substantial numbers. Word from the Michigan DNR is that bass are flying to grab bait in depths between six and 17 feet, as well as in the weed beds toward the center of the 796-acre lake. This is a popular destination for not only fishermen and women but for vacationers, so plan your trip accordingly.

2. Lake Michigan

For anyone looking for a truly unique fishing experience, word from Game and Fish Magazine says that Lake Michigan is your location of choice. Describing the fishing as “chaotic,” there are over 185 exotic species of marine wildlife currently making a home in the largest freshwater ecosystem on the planet. Chinook salmon and lake trout are said to be big, particularly around the areas near rivers. 

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3. Tahquamenon River

If you head for the Upper Peninsula, you'll find ample fishing activity in play. One of the real winners in the field is the Tahquamenon River, with a mouth on Lake Superior. This 89-mile slip of water offers rock bass and perch, for those who use worm bait, and pike strike on both red and white lures.

4. Cranberry Lake

Out at Cranberry Lake in Marcellus, there's some terrific fishing on hand. Stop in at the Cranberry Lake Campground to rent a boat and get supplies, or bring your own as circumstances allow. Once there, you'll have a staggering variety of fish to pursue, including bluegill, bass, northern pike, perch, crappie and several other species. The combination of great fishing and great camping makes for excellent opportunities.

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5. Saginaw Bay

At Saginaw Bay, walleye can be caught on nightcrawler harness with just 17 feet of water, regardless of what color spinner you're using. Naturally, there's plenty more to see and do out that way, but for those with a taste for walleye—and walleye is a tasty fish—set your course for Saginaw.

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