5 Best Fishing Spots in Nebraska

By Katie Griffing

5 Best Fishing Spots in Nebraska

If you’re in search of a beautiful place to kick back, relax, and hook that big catch, Nebraska is your state. There are spectacular fishing options available in Nebraska year-round. Whether you’re into catching catfish or walleye, discover what makes Nebraska a great state for anglers with the five best fishing spots. 

1. Sandhills Lakes

When you think of Nebraska’s Sandhills you might think of arid dunes. However, there are also thousands of lakes scattered throughout the area. And while the majority of the lakes are quite shallow, it’s a great spot to find big yellow bellies and more. The public access area can get busy so make your way South where there is less traffic and deeper water to enjoy. The deepest Sandhill lake is the Blue Lake in Garden County. 

2. Lake McConaughy

This reservoir on the North Platte River offers excellent boating and fishing with cool, clear, and deep waters. The fish you can find in Lake McConaughy include rainbow trout and catfish, but the prized fish is the walleye. In fact, the lake hosts several walleye tournaments each year. If you need to stock up on supplies before you go, check out Vogl’s Lodge & Lure in Lemoyne. Anglers will find gas, bait, tackle, permits, fishing licenses, and more. 

3. Box Butte Reservoir

Nebraska’s Box Butte Reservoir boasts a 1,600-acre lake and another great fishing spot loaded with pike. In recent years, there have been efforts to reduce the overpopulation of pike in the lake, so make your way here for some fantastic catches any time of the year.

4. Merritt Reservoir

As one of the best spots to catch catfish in the state, the Merritt Reservoir offers fishing enthusiasts a great chance to hook a big fish from the shore or from a boat. Because of the booming catfish population, this spot is picking up popularity so get out there and catch some before everyone else does! Stop at the Merritt Trading Post Resort in Valentine for bait and tackle, convenience store snacks, beer, fuel, and much more. 

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5. Wagon Train Lake

The Wagon Train Lake is a smaller lake but with excellent fishing. From catfish to angler, this 315-acre lake is the perfect spot to catch a top-notch fish. Some fishermen have reported catching fish up to 12 to 15 pounds. Many locals also report catching largemouth bass, rock bass, bluegill, and much more at the Wagon Train Lake. 

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